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6 Monsoon Essentials Everyone Should Carry!

Monsoon Essentials

The monsoon can be very offbeat and whimsical. The climate is by all accounts neither here nor there and you aren’t even certain if the rest of the day will be radiant or stormy. The best thing you can do to beat this weather is, be prepared with some monsoon essentials

This monsoon season ensures that you add these 6 monsoon essentials to your bag to remain protected, dry and clean.

1. Perfume

Perfume in Monsoon

Image spending zillions of hours under overcoats and in gumboots, you are then undoubtedly going to get sweat-soaked and stinky. To push that stench away, keep a smaller, miniature sized bottle of perfume or antiperspirant in your bag and apply when you end up smelling somewhat stale. I hope you get what I mean.  It’ll make all the difference when you’re in a hurry and can’t hit the shower in time. Along with this, here are some tips to take care of your makeup this monsoon!

2. Tissues

Tissue a monsoon essential

Does this truly require any clarifications and whys? Tissues can fix most monsoon issues in a jiffy, regardless of whether they are sweat-soaked necks, unexpected showers or oily, muddy skin. Ensure your purse, home, and office space, each has a pack or your favorite smelling tissues.

3. Waterproof Pouch

Use Waterproof Pouch in monsoon essential

An unexpected shower can wind up soaking your valuable documents and wallet in minutes. You can counteract that only if you have a waterproof pocket available. During the season, keep your important things in a waterproof pouch so that even if your bag gets splashed with water, nothing will influence your goods. While keeping things safe, it is important to take care of your luscious locks! Here is how!

4. Sanitiser

Use sanitizer in monsoon

We all know how monsoon can be a very yucky season during which, your hands can be transporters of innumerable infections. That is the reason why it’s essential to disinfect them before meals and at regular and timely interims throughout the day, which works particularly well since you don’t have to visit the washroom to the chore. We all know the period tussles during monsoon, with here tips you are sorted!

5. Umbrella

Types of Umbrella in monsoon

We all have for once stepped outside ill-equipped thinking and assuming it will be a bright day but it ends up being a total opposite, you end up getting wet. A little foldable umbrella in your bag can surely fix that. It might be small but will keep you genuinely dry during emergencies.

6. Phone Cover

Phone covers for monsoons

Too many phone incidents occur in the rains just because mobiles are used without the correct cover. All it requires is one wrong move to drop an unprotected phone into a puddle and render it water-splashed and unusable. We all have gone through it once in our lives for sure! The simplest way out is to carry a little pouch or waterproof cover to slip your phones in when outside in the rain.

Try not to let the weather rain on your parade with these basic handbag essentials for the season. Along with these essentials, try to keep your dietary habits in place!

Happy Monsoon! 

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