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6 Eccentric Babas of Prayagraj Kumbh Mela!

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They dropped by the millions! Some touched base by stuffed trains, some stopped by busses, via cars, some by bull drawn carts, and others rode on ponies, camels, and even elephants. The rich and popular sanctioned private planes and helicopters, while the less well-off went ahead foot conveying their bedrolls and outdoor gear in overwhelming packs on their heads.

Wave after wave, they framed a veritable waterway of mankind that streamed onto the banks of the Ganges at Allahabad to commend the best otherworldly celebration of the world, the Kumbha Mela.

Kumbha Mela has increased universal distinction as “the world’s most massive act of faith.” Pilgrims visit this holy land with colossal confidence and in such overpowering numbers that it boggles brains. When it comes to the Kumbha Mela, faith is the most important thing.

These a devout trust that, by bathing in the Ganges one is liberated from their past sins (karma), and subsequently one ends up qualified for freedom from the cycle of birth and demise.

Owing to this belief, many explorers and pilgrims come from varying backgrounds, traveling and covering long destinations and enduring numerous physical distress, like that of freezing in the frosty climate. They experience these challenges just to get the benefit of bathing in the blessed river at Kumbha Mela.

This display of great faith has for a long time attracted in the interest of curious foreign travelers.

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Hiuen Tsiang of China, who lived amid the seventh century, was the first to give a mention of Kumbha Mela in his journal. He gave an observer report that amid the Hindu month of Magha (January-February) millions of people had assembled on the banks of the Ganges at Allahabad to watch a festival for 75 days.

As per the astrological calculations, the Kumbha Mela is held at regular intervals of twelve years and starts on the day when the sun and moon enter Capricorn and Jupiter enters Aries.

The prophetic setup on Makar Sankranti is called ” Kumbha snana-yoga” and is viewed as particularly favorable, as it is said that the section from Earth to the higher planets is open around then, in this manner enabling the spirit to effectively attain the divine world.

This year Makar Sankranti fell on January fourteenth and the Kumbha Mela started with all the greatness and glory for which it is renowned. The temperature dropped to 1 degree on the night of the thirteenth, however bathers were not seen to be disheartened and petrified. Boisterous chanting of “Bolo Ganga Mai ki jai” filled the starry evening air as the travelers washed away their unacceptable karmas.

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It is the biggest gathering of the world with the purpose of global harmony, faith and religion. During the meal numerous sages go to the Prayagraj Kumbh Mela to bath in the blessed water that has its story back to the old time of the Samudramanthan, when a some of drops of Amrit was dropped from the paradise on the Earth at Allahabad, Nashik, Haridwar, and Ujjain.

As mentioned, a lot of sages come to visit this Prayagraj Kumbh Mela, there are ofcourse multiple types of sages at the Kumbh Mela, let’s see them up-close-and-personal.

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It is not any surprise, just by looking at Sudhir Makkar one can tell why is he called so, Golden Baba. He is famous for wearing over 20 kg of gold on his body at all times! Wearing such amount of Gold during the oh so crowded Kumbh Mela is expertise in itself and he does so making it his signature mark.

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A guy who came to tour India almost 30 years ago from France got so influenced by Hinduism that he chose to go towards Sanyaas. He claims to have his real name as Daniel Bhagwaan Giri and he is a sage from the Anand Akhada. He is all hearts to his life as a sage and for him converting himself to a sage was the best he did to himself.

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India is getting digital, so are the babas of India.

Digital baba of Kumbh mela, Swami Ramshankar aged 30 is said to roams with a laptop and an iPhone in his hand wearing branded sports shoes. Digital baba originally belongs to Gorakhpur, UP and has said to have travelled 13 states in the last four years.

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Amar ujala

Mahant Shaktigiri of Juna Akhada, the Chashme Wala, He wears sunglasses all the time. This baba is a big surprise for all as no one has ever seen or heard of a sage like this. He also adorns a garland which weighs over 70 kg. In Hindi mythology, sages are expected to wear saffron colored clothes and meditate, but this sage dresses up in all possible swag featuring a crow which is completely made up of Rudraksha.

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Dainik bhaskar

This Baba from Amethi, is legendary because he hasn’t uttered a single word from the last 14 years. He wears Rudraksha all over his body and is also called as Rudraksha Baba. The most surprising fact about him being covered in Rudraksha is, that all the Rudraksha that he wears are gifted to him. It is also said that he has not eaten anything from the last 40 or more years and remains to be fit like usual.

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Punjab kesari

Khade Shree Baba from Ghaziabad has been standing from the last 4 years. He has pledged to remain standing until the controversy surrounding the Ram Mandir isn’t cleared. Roopgiri Jee Maharaj, Khade baba is sure to break a record for standing sometime soon.

“Bolo Ganga Mai ki Jai

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