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6 Abnormal and Surprising Things that can affect your Menstrual Cycle


With the stress of COVID-19 in our head at all times, females are also stressing over an irregular period during monsoon. There are a lot of things females are worried about during this time. They have to take care of their house, family, work, kids, and the new one is irregular periods.

An abnormal period (whether that means it’s shorter, longer, heavier, or lighter than usual) isn’t necessarily caused to ring the alarm, though. Contrary to that standard 28-day trope a lot of us grow up upon, your menstrual cycle is a personal experience that can change slightly each month, depending on your levels of stress, your birth control, and more.

If you are someone who is not having your period every 28 days, don’t panic. Because of all the things that you are going through and a sudden change in your usual routines, your menstrual cycle can go haywire. Along with the change in your routine, the weather also plays a big role in affecting your period. From stress to managing work like balance to synching up with your in-laws to the changing of seasons, a lot of factors can come into picture while determining the start date of your period.

Seasonal changes having any effect on your menstrual cycles can be shocking news to many, but if you look into it closely in actually makes a lot of sense. Coupled with time zone changes messing with your body’s internal clock — is also why your period can become irregular when you travel.

Your menstrual cycle is something very personal, as are the things that influence it. Here are 6 abnormal and likely surprising things that can conceivably play with your menstrual cycle.

1. A Full Moon

moon affecting periods

What we do have is a whole lot of anecdotal evidence from women who swear their cycles went wacky in response to the moon’s increased gravitational pull during the most recent solar eclipse. So, who knows, it might be worth it to pay attention to your cycle during the next full moon, just to be safe.

What we do have is a mess of narrative proof from ladies who swear their cycles went wacky in light of the moon’s expanded gravitational draw during the recent solar eclipse. In this way, who knows, it may be justified, despite all the trouble to focus on your cycle during the following full moon, as a sanity check.

2. Working Out Too Much

Young woman in high intensity fitness session.

In the event that you’ve out of nowhere increased the power or length of your exercises, you may see an adjustment in your period for a month or two.

Exercise is, at its establishment, a weight on your body (though typically a decent one), and can cause hormonal changes in your body, which thus will influence your cycle. For whatever length of time that you’re solid about your expanded exercise, your cycle ought to change in accordance with your new normal before long.

3. Working The Graveyard Shift

busy women

Ladies who work in jobs that require odd-hour shifts (like medical attendants, for instance) conceivably put themselves at higher danger of premature delivery, hormonal interruption, and ripeness battles.

This is on the grounds that shift work is probably going to energize rest interruption and hardship. In the event that you work the night move two times every week, you may see the impacts of this interruption inside your menstrual cycle. On the off chance that you do have these kinds of movements at your specific employment, consider utilizing earplugs or power outage eye covers to assist you with nodding off quickly once you’re back at home.

4. A Change In Your Diet

women eating

Controlling or expanding your everyday intake of food by a significant edge can influence your period, particularly in case you’re doing it by undesirable methods. Not eating enough food triggers your body to enter an endurance mode, wherein periods stream to a stop with the goal that your body doesn’t squander additional vitality. Likewise, eating more food than typical can cause over the top degrees of estrogen in your framework, accordingly making you seep at abnormal times.

5. Your Latest Beauty Product Purchase

beauty products

Including new makeup or excellence items into your life may change the manner in which you value your cheekbones, yet they could likewise negatively affect your period cycle.

A few items contain endocrine disruptors, which impede your body’s capacity to complete a typical, solid period. Hence, it’s an extraordinary propensity to really peruse the fixings found inside beauty items before buying them. In particular, attempt to stay away from fixings like DDT and bisphenol-A.

6. Lack Of Sleep

lack of sleep

Resting too little can massively affect your menstrual wellbeing. For similar reasons that pressure and working night movements could hurt your cycle, not resting enough all in all is an entirely poorly conceived notion in the event that you need a predictable and solid period every month. Moving, disturbing, or denying your body’s clock of its required rest hours can quickly influence the hormonal guideline that happens inside your body. If you have trouble falling asleep, consider putting your phone in another room so that you’re not staring at that blue light before closing your eyes for the night.

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