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50 years of moon landing: 5 things you may not know about it!

apollo 11 mission
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Congratulations, you’ve landed on star Moon!

Don’t you think it was just yesterday that we heard those words from Neil Armstrong, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

People from around the world were glued to their TV sets to watch the great moment when the footage was shown in a grainy black and white format.

But what actually happened, what preparation was needed and more things you may not have known.

The day was 21st July 1969, nearly about 40 years ago. Astronauts Neil and Buzz Aldrin on that day became the household names after their brave feat of becoming the first men to set foot on the moon.

We know they landed, but what do you really know about the first moon landing?

Are you someone who still believes in the conspiracy theories that the first moon landing never actually happened? We don’t know about you, but we are sure it certainly happened.

Now you are wondering how do we know? Where we there? Well, of course, NO! But for starters, point number 4 on this list is pretty solid evidence for our statement!

Let’s read on to know some lesser-known facts and secrets of the moon landing and the situations now!

1.Where is the Apollo 11 module now?

apollo 11
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Wondering where is the craft that took man on the moon? No-one knows, it is somewhere in the universe. Once a lunar module has been used, they are jettisoned. When this happens it is most likely that it might crash into the Moon, burn up in the Earth’s atmosphere or just orbit around the Sun. The module, Apollo 11’s location is unknown. The earlier modules that were sent to the moon, namely, Apollo 5 and 6 burnt up, Apollo 11 aka Snoopy went into orbit around the Sun, Apollo 12 crashed on the Moon, Apollo 13 (like the Tom Hanks movie) was used as a lifeboat. Apollo 14 and 15 both crash-landed, and we don’t know where Apollo 16 is.

2.There are very few images of Neil Armstrong

neil amstrong on moon
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You might be wondering why didn’t he get some pictures clicked when he landed on the moon? We go to a café and have zillions of them! Let’s get you in shock by telling you that all of the still pictures from that day are of astronaut Buzz Aldrin and not Neil Armstrong. Due to some odd quirk of scheduling, Neil was in none of the photos. Now, this makes the conspiracy theory a little believable, right? The images that we see of the 1st ever moon landing was of Buzz Aldrin, the other man who was on the Moon with him.

3.NASA lost a ton of footage of the 1st moon landing ever!

Making you tempted to surf the web and read the conspiracy and start believing in it just after reading this?? How can NASA lose the footage of an event that stands true for being the turning point for mankind? If NASA was smart enough to put a man to the moon, how could they manage to lose 11 whole tapes from the moon landing episode? The footage that we do have of the moment Neil steps on the moon is actually a recording of a monitor playing the original tape. The actual footage of Neil coming down the ladder from Apollo 11 was accidentally lost in the commotion of the week.

4.The duo did not bring enough rock from the moon

moon rocks
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Since it was the first moon landing and nobody knew what was to be done, hence there was no real plan for rock collecting. Neil and Buzz together just randomly collected a few rocks and sand particles that looked clean to them.  When they came back, it was found that they carried only 50 pounds of rock and soil samples back, somewhere around 22kgs. Only incoming missions of the moon, the astronauts did some serious rock hunting.

5.The Astronauts spent 21 days in quarantine

Apollo 11 quarantine
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We all might be thinking, after getting back from the Moon these astronauts were hanging around in bars with their friends. But no, they were on duty for 21 more days. They had to sit in a converted Airstream trailer to get them checked of all the contagions or diseases from the Moon. Neil and Mike reportedly played the most epic marathon of Gin Rummy in the history of cards.

Now that we know something, kudos to 50 years of the moon landing!

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