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5 Useful Apps In Coronavirus Times

Apps to download for coronavirus
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While the government tracks the COVID-19 cases within the country and aims to provide all possible resources to curb the pandemic, these apps have become highly important to keep ourselves updated about the ‘new normal’. Coronavirus has thrust an enormous spanner across several industries and negatively smashed their operations. 

Here is a list of the 5 most important apps that have become very consequential these days. 


Khabri is India’s first digital audio content platform in the regional language that has introduced COVID-19 helpline for the visually-impaired and blind. 

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This is a sole COVID-19 helpline platform that attends the blind masses across India during these unprecedented times. This venture provides expert inputs from domains including medical, social, financial, and psychological. 

Link to the app:


Insight Timer

This is a free meditation app, which helps you to calm your mind and release anxiety and manage stress. This also improves happiness and enhances deep sleep. This app stands out for being able to provide short meditation exercises to embrace the habit.

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The app offers more than 20,000 free meditation routines to choose from. 

Link to the app:



This app provides users with relevant and real-time local updates. This also allows users to record and share videos on major happenings in their vicinity. Users can even access locations and timings of essential services like grocery stores, hospitals, and pharmacy-shops.

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A few local politicians have also created their verified accounts on the app to debunk rumours related to COVID-19 to prevent chaos in the community.

Link to the app:


Simply Local

This is a community social network that permits the screening of information to targeted communities. However the information is visible to only those who are in vicinity of the targeted locations. 

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This functions like a local FM station though the broadcasting boundaries can be restricted.  This portal is the best way to share ground-level important information in the face of pandemic. 

Link to the app:



MyGov Logo- App
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The GOI created this app to provide a platform to the citizens who want to engage in governance practices. On opening the app for the first time, you can select the COVID-19 section to uncover some latest figures and information apart from important helpline numbers and email addresses. 

Link to the app:



Are you using any other useful app during this pandemic? Let us know in the comment section below.

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