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5 Things Women Do That Men Hate To The Core

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When it comes to relationships there is no cookie-cutter format applicable whatsoever! However, there are zillions of things that can be done to make or break a relationship. For ladies, the end of a relationship could stem from things like not calling when you said you were going to call, to cheating on her and finding out it was with her best friend. But, what about guys? What are the things women do that men hate? After interviewing a lot of guys, there are only 5 things that women do that seem to drive men absolutely crazy. And, not crazy as in head over heels crazy, but more like crazy and deranged!

You may even think everything is going smoothly… until he ends it.

And it’s all because you might be doing one or more of these five things:

1.You don’t say what you really mean

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This came on the priority of every man! According to most men, women say one thing but mean another, and then expect for men to somehow be a mind reader, read between the lines and figure out what they really want. Well, sorry ladies, men just don’t know what you really want unless and until you tell them what you want. For one thing, they are not Mel Gibson, and second, they are not mind readers.  Communication is key! Say what you want and they will do it for you, just because they love you so much.

2.They hate it when women behave like victims

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If men have to be the knight in shining armor then who is it that women need to be. Rescued?? You got it! But not always! Okay, ladies, men do not mind opening and closing doors for you, picking up the tab every now and again and living happily ever after with you. But, let’s face it if you’re looking for a knight and shining armor to save you, well perhaps you’re going to have to save yourself because Prince Charming is a myth.

3.Stop stalking his Facebook page

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So, a random female sends your guy a friend requests and he accepts. Does this really mean that he wants to date her?  Absolutely… Not! I get it, ladies. We all get jealous. Since your guy is the most good-looking man on earth, there are chances that every good-looking woman out there wants him. But men say and feel that not every woman wants them and even if they do want your man, it’s his choice if he takes the bait. Try and learn to trust your man or have the confidence enough to let him go if you do not trust him. But, don’t, don’t stalk his Facebook page, and tell him who he can or cannot be “friends” with.

4.Stop blaming him for what your last man did to you!

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Some females do get hurt by men they loved. But, what your ex did to you is not this man’s fault. It is better to leave the baggage of burden in the past and accept the man in your life for who he is. He loves you!

5.Using sex as a weapon

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Ladies do not use your sex as a weapon. Never use what God gave to you just to get a man to do what you want when you want it, don’t be surprised if the tactic comes back to bite you hard in reality.  Men absolutely hate females that use sex to get in the relationship, but then withhold sex once they are in the relationship.

There you have it, ladies, these are the 5 things you all knowingly or unknowingly do that make men hate you. Love him the way he loves you and keeps your relationship a long-lasting one! 

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