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5 Bizarre and Unique Days in March That You Never Knew

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We all know March is the third month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and has 31 days. This month was named after Mars, the Roman lord of war. It was initially the main month of the year in the Roman calendar and was named Martius in light of its relationship with the primary day of spring. The vernal or March equinox falls amid this month between the 19th and 21st. This month was also denoted by a period when the war would resume after the long winter months.

Interestingly, March begins on the same day of the week as February and November and ends on the same day of the week as June. March’s birth flower is the daffodil and its birthstones are aquamarine and bloodstone which symbolize valor.

Learnt a lot about March, didn’t you?

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We know March has 31 days, however ever knew this third month of the year has some odd and remarkable days too? We should get to know a few.

1. National Pig Day

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This day is celebrated on March 1st. Wondering what this day is?? This day actually observes and offers gratitude to trained pigs. For some obscure reason, huge, pot-bellied pigs found in zoos, are the symbol of the day. Pigs are shrewd and keen creatures. But, a majority of people are uninformed of this abnormal state of insight. Pigs can be instructed to do tricks. A few people even keep them as pets. This day is a day to give pigs the regard that they deserve. National Pig day is observed by zoos, as well. Celebrations of this day include Snort Offs, Pig Outs, and online Pig Chats.

Ellen Stanley, a Texas art teacher, started the celebration of National Pig Day in 1972. Her purpose was to perceive and be grateful for pigs as keen household creatures. Though there is no proof to suggest that this genuinely is a “National” day, as it requires an act of Congress, yet this hasn’t got one.

2. National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

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This day is also celebrated on March 1st. This day salutes the most cherished spread, The Peanut Butter! What kid didn’t grow up cherishing peanut butter sandwich?? It is a staple in most homes! Smooth Peanut Butter is by far the most popular. Crunchy peanut butter is additionally available and is loved by many. This day is a healthy day, as Peanut Butter is 90% peanuts with no artificial additives. Celebrate this sticky day with a bit (or a lot) of Peanut Butter.

3. If Pets Had Thumbs Day

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This day is celebrated on March 3rd. This day abandons you thinking about what might happen if the pet had thumbs.  One thing that separates man from numerous different species on the planet is an opposable thumb. It enables us to do numerous things that different animals can’t do. Now imagine what it would look like if your pet had thumbs. Do you get an unmistakable picture of your pet with thumbs? Is it true that you are seeing your pet getting things done with their new thumb? Assuming this is the case, your brain is in the soul with this day. See, if you have a pet monkey, you definitely realize what it would resemble for your pet to have thumbs. But for others, enjoy imaging your pets with thumbs.

4. Be Nasty Day

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This day is celebrated on March 8th. There are mischievous days, and decent days, and a wide range of goodie gumdrop days. In this way, it makes sense that there will be a couple of negative sort of days. This is one of them. Hopefully, you won’t praise this day frequently, and that it isn’t prominent. On the off chance that you do, please remember that there is a major contrast between being frightful and being unfeeling. Sending a couple of safe messages and memes might be an approach to praise this day.

5. Take a walk in the Park Day

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This day is celebrated on March 30th. Are you worried or stressed? Don’t miss out on “Take a walk in the Park Day”. It is an open door for all to exercise and unwinding. A stroll in the park is exactly what doctors suggest you do when you are stressed, and this day is for your good health. It’s calming and restorative. Taken after a bustling work day, it helps clear your brain and re-empower you. On the other hand, take the stroll amid lunch, and you will discover the evening passes by speedier and easier. A walk in the park will probably be the most enjoyable piece of your day. However, do make a point to do so with an open eye and clear mind. In addition to preventing you from falling, open eyes will enable you to take in the magnificence of nature’s miracles: blooms, and trees, feathered creatures, and untamed life.

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