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20 Struggle Girls Face That Guys Will Never Understand

girls having problems
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They say that the best problem to escape from your problem is to solve them. And, this is exactly what girls believe in.

Being a girl is the best feeling in the world! Except for when, well, ALL THE TIME

Here at Curiouskeeda, we have gathered 20 problems that all the feminine beauties suffer that guys will never understand neither will they be able to relate.


Smudging freshly painted nail paint

girl having headache
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Never knowing what to wear no matter what the occasion is

girls doesn't have anything to wear
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Mother Nature delivering her monthly gift at the most inconvenient times

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Being told we look sick when we don’t wear makeup

looking ill without make up
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The deadly task of shaving every inch of our body and mind you, it is a part-time job by itself

girl shaving her body
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The task of putting the same wing on both eyes

girl applying liner
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Wearing impossibly high heels because they look awesome and pretending they don’t hurt

high heel fails
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Breaking your last hair tie while having no backups whatsoever

girl tying hair
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Never getting used to the pain while getting our eyebrows done

girl doing her eyebrows
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Wearing a strapless bra and being in constant fear of it falling down

bra strap problem
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Wanting to look sexy in skinny jeans, but it is a struggle to safely put them on

girls wearing tight jeans
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Having the uninvited guest on our face a day before the date

girl extracting pimple
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Worrying about camel toes all the time

camel toes problem faced by girls
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It takes ages to do our hair and then those hard-worked hands starts hurting

girls all fractured up
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Burning your face while curling or straightening your hair

straighter fails
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Walking to the bathroom with a pad hidden up your sleeve so nobody knows you’re on your period

girls hiding something
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When you are trying to find your keys and something “embarrassing” falls out of your purse

purse fallen on floor
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Girls go through the emotional and nervous breakdowns almost daily

girls broken down and eating ice cream
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It’s just been 4 days and girls need to shave your armpits again

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Trying to create a good Smokey eye shadow and ending up with two panda

smokey eye shadow turns into panda eyes
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So, how many of these problems were you able to relate to? Tell us about your girlie problems in the comment section below.

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