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15 Indian TV Shows That Every 90’s Kids Remember

90s famous tv shows
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As you get older, you realize that there are some moments that you will not ever forget.

And the shows from the 90s do explain this to a very large extent. From Shaka Laka Boom Boom to Shararat, we all loved every bit of these 90’s TV shows. Admittedly, the 90s was an era that catered to the whole family. Lucky are those who grew up in the 90’s epoch. 


Boogie Woogie

boogie woogie 90’s indian tv show
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Boogie Woogie was the first 90’s Indian dance reality tv shows for kids in India. The show definitely had some serious butt. Javed Jaffrey and his brother Naved Jaffrey used to host and judge the show along with Ravi Behl.


Malgudi Days

With lessons in each and every episode, Malgudi Days was a treat to watch. Wasn’t it? The entire family used to watch the episodes of Malgudi Days together. Do you still remember the title song? Wait! There is a hint…Tana na na

Now you do! Watch the video (above) to relive those memories.


Son Pari

son pari 90’s indian tv show
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You all were so amazed by the life that Frooti (the main character of Son Pari) had in the show. Weren’t you? At one time, you also wanted to have one such angel from heaven who could solve all our problems and save us from all kinds of mishaps.


Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Just like you wanted to have Son Pari who could solve all our problems, you also wanted to have Sanju’ magical pencil to have everything in reality. And its title track is still remembered by most of the 90’s kids. 


Hip Hip Hurray

hip hip hurray 90’s indian tv show
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This 90 show was based on teenagers’ life. We all fantasized about our senior secondary life after watching this show. From hanging out with friends to working in a cafe or a restaurant, everything we wanted to have in reality.


Takeshi’s Castle

This show was the perfect amalgamation of adventure and comedy. People used to undertake adventurous activities which was filled with funny commentary by Javed Jaffrey.


Hum Paanch

hum paach 90’s indian tv shows
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This show revolved around a husband who had a nagging wife with five dysfunctional daughters. Also, there was a dead woman’s portrait in the living area who was the husband’s previous wife and used to have a daily conversation with the man. Undoubtedly, Hum Paach was the funniest sitcoms of all time.


Just Mohabbat

just mohabbat 90’s indian tv show
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While the Americans used to watch ‘The Wonder Years’, we as Indians used to watch ‘Just Mohabbat’. The show was based on the young boy, Jai, and his relationship with his friends.


Office Office

The reality of the government office and officials back in the 90s. This show was seriously epic and Pankaj Kapoor and his acting skills made it more awesome. 



mahabharat 90’s indian tv show
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No Mahabharat of modern times can beat the 90s’ Mahabharat. And the way Mahabharat’s episodes used to start ‘Mai Samay Hu’  with the chakras around, is something that is still remembered.



Shaktiman 90’s tv show

While Americans had Superman and Spiderman, Indians had Shaktiman. He was the first superhero of India and probably one of the coolest!


Dekh Bhai Dekh

This sitcom was a real hoot! Everyone in the star cast delivered justice to their roles due to which this show is still remembered. 


Vikram aur Betal

Vikram aur Betal indian tv show
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This spooky but amazingly captivating tale of the king Vikram and the vampire Betaal entertained us with each and every episode. 



aahat indian tv show
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Another spooky show from the 90s which revolved around paranormal stories was the first horror show of Indian television. 



This show replaced Abracadabra with “Shring bring sarvaling, bhoot bhavishya vartamaan badling”.

Did we forget to mention the show that you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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