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10 Things to do in the Treasure Trove of History: Delhi


Delhi is the heart and soul of India, apart from being its capital. The major reason for this is the rich historical value it holds, be it from the royal era or the British Raj era. The capital city is just steeped in history yet it is overflowing with modern life. The history of Delhi is very rich. The colourful and cacophonous Delhi pulsates with the relentless rhythms of humanity like few other cities on Earth. Delhi has two parts, the old and the new. Love or hate it but it is just impossible to ignore the charm and allure of Old Delhi. Whether you are planning to stay here, or just come here for a crazy shopping spree or to witness the magnificent historic and architectural marvels such as that of the Red Fort, you will just be dragged and moved to ever forget your time in this wonderfully chaotic, and fabulously photogenic corner of the city, making the history of Delhi very rich. The place has hectic streets and alleys with carts and cycle-rickshaws, with cows and monkeys, with shoppers and with beggars, with street-food sellers and market traders, and with cars, vans, scooters and autorickshaws; watch your back – honk-honk-beeeep!

Along with providing you will a visually rich experience, Delhi the heart of India also makes sure to tantalizes ones taste buds with its fusion of flavours from every corner of the subcontinent. Delhi is a city built upon cities. Love history and you’ll be left salivating as you trace your way through the eras, clambering across the ruined forts of Tughlaqabad, Siri, Purana Qila and Shahjahanabad; exploring the magnificent tombs of eminent historical figures; and visiting the still-vibrant temples, mosques and shrines that throng with devotees today, as they have done for hundreds of years.

Moreover, Delhi is an immensely culturally diverse place, and you will find all kinds of cuisines and shops and stores here, without a doubt. The street food of Delhi is just irreplaceable. Every part of the National Capital Territory contributed to making it one of the most famous places to visit. And while this sounds great, people often get confused about what to do, when in town. We have jotted down this list to help you decide the things you can do in the city:

India gate Delhi

One of the most patriotic places in India, India Gate is not only a famous monument from the British era but a great picnic spot too, where you can spend your day chilling with friends or family. Even more so, you can enjoy boat rides there, making it a perfect and relaxing day out! Interestingly, the market of Connaught place isn’t too far away, so you can stroll the several markets there as wee– including the underground Palika Bazaar and the oh so famous Janpath.

Chandini Chowk Delhi

One of the biggest wholesale markets, Chandni Chowk is the heart of Old Delhi, and you can find almost anything here. This hustling market may be one of the busiest in India, but you can’t leave Delhi without visiting Chandni Chowk. Numerous clothing and electronic stores are spread all over, among various other ones, but the best thing about the place is, of course, street food of Delhi. Try out the several food places and street vendors selling scrumptious food, all at one place!

Sarojini Nagar Delhi

Sarojini Nagar is considered heaven for every shopaholic out there. This huge market is the hub for buying clothes, everything that’s in fashion, at prices unbelievably low. Although we do suggest that you should practice bargaining, it’s definitely going to help you save a lot of bucks!

Majanu ka tila  Delhi

Also known as the little Tibet of Delhi the heart of India, Majnu ka Tilla is filled with restaurants and cafés serving the said delicacies. Apart from the Tibetan cuisine, you can also find places serving Japanese, Korean, Bhutani, Chinese and Nepali cuisines, be it a variety of dumplings, thukpa or llaphing.

Baoli Delhi

This locale’s fame especially skyrocketed when it was featured in the Amir Khan starrer movie PK. But it had been famous before that as well. Known for being “haunted”, many people have said to have spotted ghosts, although we will leave that on you to decide. This is a perfect place for everyone fascinated with these kinds of things. It is close to Connaught Place which makes it an even more likeable place.

Akshardham Temple Delhi

Being the third largest Hindu temples in the world, Akshardham is one of the most serene and peaceful places in the capital. Also known as the Swaminarayan Akshardham, the place is an epitome of beauty and spirituality. It displays several artefacts from the religion’s culture as well as traditions, and innumerable people come here regularly.

Bangla Sahib

Talking about serene and peaceful places, we can’t talk about the famous Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. One of the most well-known and prominent places of Sikh religion in Delhi, this Gurudwara is visited by numerous people, regardless of race and religion. One of the most hospitable and tranquil places in Delhi, make sure you don’t miss the famous langar!

Hauz Khaz

Built around the urbanized village of Hauz Khas, this place abodes a tomb, a mosque, along with an Islamic seminary and a water tank all in one place. Moreover, once you’re tired, you can head to the classy Hauz Khas village and relax in one of the many delis or cafés or restaurants present there. Sounds pretty sweet, doesn’t it?


If you consider yourself as a history buff, you have to visit the many, many museums present in the capital. Delhi houses more than two dozens of museums that you can’t help but visit. Some of these well-known museums include The Doll Museum, The Rail Museum, National Science Centre, Nehru Museum, Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum and the loss does not stop. You can browse these museums and start by visiting the ones that enchant you the most. History of Delhi never sounded more fun!

Street food Delhi

Remember, wherever you go, make sure to try out the lip-smacking and delicious street food. From Pani Puri to Aaloo Chaat and Chole Bhature, you have an endless variety to choose from. Delhi is especially famous for its street food and your trip to the place would forever be incomplete if you don’t try these scrumptious delicacies. Street food vendors are present all over the capital and are therefore easy to spot. Cheap and delicious food, yes, please!

So these are some of the countless things you can do when in Delhi the heart of India, make sure to at least cross a few of these, to make your trip worth it.

Happy Delhi Darshan!

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