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Are You Dating A CEO? Here Are 10 Things You Should Know and Never Say!

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Dating an entrepreneur who is on the cliff of professional life or death is both fabulously enlightening and a large pain in the ass.

Sort of sexy, no?

There are somethings damn exalting about CEOs. Not solely because they were ready and able to master their field and rise to the top, owing to the sheer quantity of passion, dedication and well, faith, that comes with the title. However, whatever be the situation, they make unimaginable love partners if you come up with a way to crack the code that unlocks their love and devotion.

To truly love your entrepreneur other half, you must stay for them with all their gifts and challenges whereas soothingly asserting your desires and needs.

If you discover yourself in a relationship with an entrepreneur (or if you’re one yourself), know that it can be difficult communicating your desires in such a way that provides your required outcome. Usually, we have a tendency to unwittingly say precisely what pushes our entrepreneur lover away. Somehow, almost every time, our words do come out taking the form of pressure, blame, judgement, shame, and general neediness.

Whether he’s the founder of a startup or a professional who’s found a way to write his own paycheck, here’s what you need to know to make it work with one of these crazy humans:


Never say: “You care more about your business than you do about me!”

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If not the same line you may say the same thing saying, “You never spend enough time with me.” But people always think these thoughts but never say them out loud. The time put yourself into a competition with your man’s business, everything starts to end. Let them be momentary thoughts that pass through you like clouds passing in the sky. There is no competition in a relationship, there is only creativity. So, just get creative with how you want to flirt with your busy partner to get the attention you desire while honoring business acumen. If still, things don’t work your way, you can say the same thing like, “I know how important the business is and how much time and attention it needs, but it would really sweet of you if you could spare some time and we could set aside to spend some quality time sometime soon.”


”Be ready for: last-minute changes

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Oh, you guys planning for a nice weekend getaway. Think again. Even the best-laid plans with these busy chaps can change at the last minute and are frequently canceled altogether. Bring in a lot of flexibility when it comes to dating a boss. Being flexible is really essential when it comes to being the other half of an entrepreneur.


Never say: “You can afford it. You make plenty of money!”

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Okay, first of all, put that spoiled ass away. You yourself can probably afford whatever it is, but that really isn’t the point. Being entitled to your partner’s money is a sure-shot way to leave a bad impression in your partner’s mind and make the person not want to give to you. This attitude that you carry can make your boss love to move the opposite direction. Always practice being your most gracious self and express your sincere gratitude when your partner gives you time, attention or material gifts. 


Be ready for: Long work hours

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It will be a shocking surprise if you heard an entrepreneur talk about work-life balance, just because they don’t have any. When your CEO partner has started something, there’s no such thing as regular hours, weekends or the end of the day. Though entrepreneurs don’t work 24/7, be ready for work days that go well past five o’clock. Be their support and help them grow. 


Never say: “Why are you stressed all the time? Why can’t you just relax a little?”

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Chilling and relaxing is not the main goal of any successful businessman. He did not start a business to chill. Neither does he have any idea of work-life balance. Entrepreneurs are someone who loves to work and gain a lot from a job completed and done well. Work successfully done is relaxation for them. If you want your partner to relax because the stress is negatively affecting you or you’re concerned about the person’s health and well-being, then say, “ you’ve been a lot stressed lately, can we meet for some time and maybe you can spend some time in peace then along with some back rubs?” Creating a caring physical presence with your partner will help him relax, even if only for a little while. 


Be ready for: Weekends are for working

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An entrepreneurial venture is just like a newborn baby. It requires constant attention and doesn’t differentiate the workweek from the weekend. I understand there is a need to have some designated couple time, don’t be surprised when you’re partner needs to work over the weekend.


Never say: “Can’t you live without your phone for some time?”

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We all know that in today’s connected world being unavailable at important times could be a death sentence to a contract, a client or potentially the entire business. We understand that you want the attention of your entrepreneur and his focus is elsewhere. But also consider, how hard your partner works. When you are with him, see if you can find something else to do until he is off the phone and you can then reconnect. Try and connect with him during his “off business” hours such as dinner time or maybe when he is getting ready for bed.  Being supportive and considerate when your lover is on phone will surely keep you connected in the long term, even if all things may feel a lot disconnected in the short term.


Be ready for: their business is your business

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The journey and ups and downs of a business is a major part of a founder’s life and it is sure to become a big part of your life too. Adopt a language that is inclusive and has words like “us” and “we” and then take pride in it. This will work as a big source of support for your busy partner.


Never say: “When can we take a vacation?”

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He too wants some time off but he is working this hard just so you both can have a steady future. When you ask this, the question tends to put unnecessary pressure on your entrepreneur lover. If the vacation is really important to you, then make that very clear with a loving, playful tone to inspire your love to take action in the direction of alone time together.


Be ready for: not celebrating important dates

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Your busy partner might be really busy remembering the meeting dates, don’t force him to remember the first time you both had an ice-cream. Let him concentrate on his work. You can maybe take the first step and send him flowers wishing him days! This way he will get bonded to you even more! 

Even if you do not know how to support him in his business, just knowing that you’re asking makes your partner feel supported, and that is like depositing money in your relationship bank account. Which is priceless. Figure out how you can make your relationship work between you, your busy partner, his company, and a few quirks, hangups, and ego drivers. 

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s worth it every time

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