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10 Sweet Ways To Step Up Your Girlfriend Game With!

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Have you at any point noticed when you’re with an extremely extraordinary person, the one who expresses and sends you and your mother blooms just to beat the winter blues. Seeing all those efforts you’re constrained to step up your own girlfriend game and be the sweetheart this man has ever met in life. Right? Turns out, it doesn’t take a huge amount of time or even those efforts to stand out from the pack.

You also after the entirety of his sweetness need to be that young lady who your boyfriend can’t quit discussing, and be with your man for the long haul? In case you’re seeing someone you need to make it last. Obviously, you don’t want him to be chasing different ladies or different relationships. You need to be the best girlfriend for him so he can be the best beau for you. There are ways of being likable. So what’s the mystery behind being one?

For reasons unknown, there’s no mystery to being together for the longest time, however, there are a couple of straightforward things you can do to make you the best girlfriend he’s at any point had. Read on to discover what you can do to make him wake up with a big bright smile each day.

1.   Appreciate Him


A lot of females make this mistake of thinking that their significant other is not affected by any sort of pain just because they are men. But ladies, despite all that tough-guy act, your men are riddled with insecurities, too. And just like all us females, they also need some confidence boost once a while. Load him with genuine compliments to make him feel good about himself. We will all agree that men are socially conditioned to give out compliments and not receive any. But, the fact stands that they also like to hear nice things about themselves. Maybe the way their hair looks today, and how the beard looks on point!  With this, don’t just stop at compliments, let him know that you acknowledge his efforts and appreciate him for the person that he is.

2.   He Loves Sharing

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We all go through a phase in the day when our partner would talk politics, FIFA, and sports- and when he does, we ladies do tend to zones out by reading a book or probably checking social media. But ladies mind you, you can earn so many more points if you just lent him an ear, ask engaging questions, and send him articles that might pique his interest in. So keep in mind, whether your man gets into sports, politics or beers, engage him on what he loves, even if it’s not your own cup of tea. When can we do this sacrifice right?

3.   Give him his space


A clingy girlfriend is a major turn-off! I do understand that you want to be with him 24*7 just because you love him that much, but understand that constantly calling and texting him is all perfect in the first honeymoon phase of your relationship, but all this gets old pretty soon. Keep in mind to give him some space and let him do what we truly like. There are a lot of things that he loves to do WITHOUT YOU! If you don’t ease up on constantly demanding his attention, he’ll without any doubt want to break free from you. If you wish to be with him for long, show him that you trust him to the fullest and let him live his life. In the end, he’ll be the one who will be chasing you!

4.   Bring in some surprises into your routine


Randomly drop a card with some sweet, heartfelt messages in the mail, or whip up his favorite meal when you spot his favorite veggie on sale at the supermarket. Your surprises don’t have to be grand gestures or should cost copious amounts of money. For the man, even the tiniest surprise greats ripple effects! He starts feeling that you care!

5.   Hang Out With His Friends

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Girl, you need to understand that he did live a life before you, and you also need to understand that there has to be some time after you! In those different parts of his life when you were not around, only one thing has remained constant: his friends! These are the people who have seen him through the goods and the bad and the ugly. If you want to create a strong foundation for a healthy long-lasting relationship, keep his existing relationships in mind and start nourishing them, too.

6.   Let Sex Be Just For Him

Forever Together

It is true that sex should be something which brings mutual satisfaction, but every once in a while, let your guy feel that tonight it is all about him and nothing else. After a long day, offer to help him relax in a way other than just relaxing in front of the TV watching a random movie. Make him feel that you are ready to make him happy; choosing the positions and intensity he loves. *winks*

7.   Don’t Give Him A Reason To Be Jealous


It goes without saying; a good girlfriend is a faithful one! For a man, it genuinely does not matter if you are the most beautiful and the hottest woman present in the room and that all other guys are all eyed and are drooling for you. What matters is that you make your man realize that he is the only guy you want and life and has your full attention. Never tag around with other guys, and make it a point to let him know that he can trust you to the fullest. If this becomes the case he will be loyal to you, too.

8.  Don’t Compete With His Friends


All us girls do tend to make this mistake of isolating ourselves from your boyfriend’s friends just because we think they won’t be able to tag along just because you don’t like his friends. Keep in mind that his friends are the constant he has in life which means they’re going to be around a lot more than you are and you can. The way you share all your secrets with your best friend your boyfriend too has away and a friend to share his darkest secrets with. If you want to make your relationship work, you have to accept that his friends are an important part of his life as you are. Don’t be the one who ever now and then asks her boyfriend to pick between her and his friends. If you have a plan, make it flexible enough to tag his friends along. This would make him happiest!

9.   Turn Constant Nagging Into An Irresistible Request

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So, it is agreeable that he can be frustratingly childish and messy at times, okay a lot of times! This doesn’t mean you will fire your mouth every time. A good girlfriend knows the art of “nagging” constructively. Try not to up your voice, instead, talk it out to him softly. Disarm him with your sweetness and let your concern shine through instead of your need to control by nagging. Which relationship does not have problems? With problems come solutions. 

10.   Master The Art Of Listening


We all have bad days, bad days at work, at home, with friends and the list goes on. He can also have bad days, right? So if he had one of those bad days and just wants to rant for the rest of the evening, make him comfortable and let him do that! A key to a healthy relationship is without a doubt good communication, and crucial to this is listening. You should know when to talk, but also know when your man just needs someone to listen.

Relationships should always be fun and comfort and not an endless struggle or competition. If you care enough about your man, you would be the best girlfriend for him. No one is perfect and we all have some room for improvement. By following these tips, you can make sure he not wanting to be with anyone else.

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