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10 Signs That You’ve Smoothly Like Butter Adjusted To Being In Quarantine

Life in Quarantine
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During these unprecedented times of self- and mandated quarantines and stay-at-home orders because of a monster named Corona, it can be easy to slip into a negative mindset accompanied by fear of the unknown and worry about how you are going to get through this. With cases rising each day and lockdown increasing, we all will have to agree that we are now getting used to it. 

We are now loving the vibe of staying at home. Staying in our comfy pajamas and following a pattern of eat, sleep, work, repeat, we are just loving it all!  

It may sound like a vacation from reality, an ideal time to binge on Netflix and catch up on sleep. It is not easy to lock yourself away from family and friends but with time we have joined hands with Facetime and social media. 

If you all relate with me a little, here are 10 signs to note in you. And if you node with each sign, this clearly means you are loving this quarantine just like I am! 


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You’ve gone changed from being the friend who disconnects the calls and says ‘please text me I can’t talk right now’ just because for no reason to the one who proactively sends texts saying ‘why haven’t you called me, it’s been two hours?’.


Happy in bed - quarantine
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Your mornings starts during evening and you take time out every evening to decide which pajamas you’re going to wear the next day or maybe just stay in the same set for the entire week. 


I am so lost - quarantine
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The number of game apps you’ve downloaded on your phone makes it bear an uncanny resemblance to your 12-year old cousin’s.


Baking - quarantine
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You’ve stopped feeling guilty for not baking bread or cooking elaborate meals, and have fully accepted that Maggi is a legitimate dinner choice.


Cunning Laugh - quarantine
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Once you realised you can mute your annoying co-workers during zoom calls, meetings have become a lot more manageable.


It's Okay - quarantine
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You’re not excited about Friday evenings anymore, but that’s okay, because you don’t have Monday morning blues either.


Zen - quarantine
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You are surprisingly zen about not being able to eat out, because you’ve decided to do the cleanse you have been promising yourself for three years. 


Awkawrd Seilence - quarantine
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You and your friends have stopped asking each other, “What did you do today?” because nobody is doing anything different.


No Please No - office -steve carell
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You’ve made peace with the fact that your office plants have probably died (at least this time it’s not your fault).


No plans - quarantine
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You’ve finally stopped making post-lockdown plans!

How many times did you nod? Or is your head hurting because you were constantly nodding?

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