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10 Qualities of Being an Extremely Likeable Person.

How to be a Likeable person.
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As it’s been said, you can never have a second first impression and most of us feel anxious when making a decent attempt to be a likeable person.

Do you make people feel good and welcome when they are around you?

Do people feel increased in value, acknowledged and appreciated by you?

We esteem ourselves to be somewhat interesting and witty when interacting with someone nearest to us, who actually know us and do make us feel good in their air. Every person has certain traits that are not found in any other person. But, what happens when we meet someone new? Periodically, we think that it is really hard to come up with an on-point joke that will make the person giggle and perceive us likeable.

We are uncertain regarding whether the things we say are really interesting or whether our endeavours at humour will leave the person gazing at us in cumbersome quietness. Those sentiments of self-question are now going to be the things of past if you begin on practising these 10 strong suggestions that will make people become hopelessly fall in love with you and make you appear much more affable in a split second:

Be a good listener, then speak.

We are always in a rush to get a word or two in edgewise when we are talking to others. Always keep in mind, when someone else is speaking before you, don’t cut or interrupt them. It is a human tendency to only half listen while we are contemplating how to respond. By being always in a hurry to speak and insert ourselves into a conversation, we a lot of times miss a chance to spark a connection with the other person. If you interrupt in-between while someone is trying to have a conversation, you can make the other person feel like you are shutting them down before they have a chance to fully explain. Always act that the person you are having a conversation with is the most important person in the world. Practice active listening and really concentrate on what they are saying. Don’t jump in-between to advise them or try solving the problem for them. All this will make the other person feel heard and will make you a likeable person. Let them know that you with all your mind and hear and taking out the time to understand what they are trying to say.

Look them in the eyes but don’t be creepy about it

A really strong, positive, consistent—but not so creepy! —eye contact is what immediately makes you much more approachable, friendly, likeable, and interested. Eyes do speak up a lot. Look into the eyes while you are making a conversation with someone. Just keep in mind, to keep your expressions moving, else you’d end up creeping them!

Nod along while making a conversation

Nothing makes you less likeable than you appearing as someone who is not paying any attention at all to the other person. This does not mean that you keep on interrupting them in-between. Then what is that one way to show your interest without interrupting? Nod every once in a while! Nodded while the other person is making a conversation is said to increase likability by about 30% alongside increasing their approachability by 40%. Nodding is also a part of being a good, active listener.

Come with an open mind

If someone is open-minded and is willing to talk and listen to different people with a different opinion, they are considered to be much more likeable and approachable. Always avoid having preconceived notions or passing judgment on others. Be willing to hear others out and get different points of view.

Compliment the other one

Humans have this tendency of associating with the adjectives you use to describe them with your personality. This means that whatever you say about other people influences how people see you. For example- If you describe someone as genuine and kind, the other person will also associate you with those qualities. With something good comes something bad! If you constantly trash someone behind their backs, the other person will then start to associate the negative qualities of yours.

Radiate the happy you

If you’re happy from within and you know it—show it! People have the tendency to automatically liking happy people around them. No one wants to surround themselves with negativity! When people feel happy, they appear confident, optimistic, and energetic, which makes others find them instantly likeable, they found.

Don’t be a pile of gossips

Keep yourself away from engaging in gossip about others this makes you much more likeable. This for a short phase makes you feel like you are a part of the popular crowd but it also makes you seem less trustworthy and likeable overall. Always keep your focus on the positive side than on gossips.

Reveal your flaws from time to time

People will like you more after you make a mistake – but only if they believe you are a competent person. Revealing that you aren’t perfect makes you more relatable and vulnerable toward the people around you.

Display a sense of humor

Regardless of everything, a sense of humour is really important for being likeable. Using humour when you’re first getting to know someone can make the person like you more.

Just be yourself

In a constant fight of being a nice person, don’t forget who you truly are! All of these pieces of advice on how to be a nice person can be very stressful, especially if you are actively looking and are worried about not being liked. By the end of the day, people will like you for being you!

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