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10 Shocking Daily Lifestyle Mistake That Everybody Commits But Never Notice!

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You may not even realize that the mistake you make in your everyday life could be harming your health miserably. All of us are prone to unintentionally erring in our hectic, everyday-life schedules. We all are very health-conscious folks, but for some, even the most basic of concepts fall by the wayside. Some of these lifestyle mistakes are highly detrimental to our health but can be easily avoided, once we understand their root cause and the extent of damage they induce.

Learn these 10 mistakes and relate to them!

1.   Microwaving your lunch in (certain) plastic containers

microwave plastic- eating mistake
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A lot of people do know that it is better to buy a BPA-free (bisphenol A) water bottle. But still, some containers are just not good for heating up your food in. It is amazing that your office has a microwave, but it’s important to choose your container wisely. It has been recognized long ago that the dangers of plastic leaking into foods is very high and which is why the plastic products must undergo testing before they can be labelled as “microwave safe”. Just carelessly misusing the container isn’t doing your body much good. If you’re going to heat up your meal, just make sure you’re using an FDA-approved vessel to heat in.

2.   Sneezing or coughing into your hands

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This is the one thing that we all do throughout the day but do not notice. We all, when meeting new people, greet them with a handshake, so chances of passing along your germs and potential illnesses are very high. It’s just common courtesy to use a tissue if you have one, otherwise, aim for the crook of your elbow. And don’t even think about trying to curtail a sneeze.

3.   Wrinkling your face with a cotton pillowcase

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We all know it is the most comforting position but persistently pressing your face into a pillow­case causes trauma to the skin. And if you continue to do so, over time, this trauma, aggravated by the friction of cotton, causing permanent creases as our collagen breaks down. If you can’t change the habit of sleeping, then switch to silk or satin pillow covers to minimize creases.

4.   Ignoring nature’s call

holding your pee- hygiene mistake
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It’s easy to get wrapped up in a project before realizing you should have hit the restroom long ago. Apart from the obvious discomfort, holding nature’s call can negatively impact your health. Resisting the urge to urinate can cause your bladder to stretch out and encourage bacteria to grow. Allowing these bacteria to cause a kidney infection. We can avoid this little mistake, right?

5.   Snubbing your desk plant (or not having one at all)

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It is proven that workers with actual deskside flowers or foliage are more productive than those without. Studies also show that people surrounded by office plants performed better on tasks involving memory and attention. Choose from one of these indoor plants that can detox your office.

6.   Taking your coffee break in the office kitchen

Coffee in kitchen
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Not asking you to go for a coffee break in a café during your office hours. All I am asking you to do is step outside instead, leave your desk a little and your waistline will thank you. It is a proven fact that people who get the majority of their daily sunlight before noon have lower BMIs than those who catch some rays later in the day.

7.   Snacking too much

Snacking all the time
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Just the thought of the long stretch from breakfast to lunch or from lunch to dinner is enough to leave your stomach rumbling. Snacking can be a good strategy for keeping hunger at bay, but only if you manage to stick to the proper foods and portions. We all tend to nibble all day long which is a mistake.

8.   Turning the volume too high

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Whether you’re at the gym or stuck in the office all day, you probably reach for your headphones to listen to your favorite tunes. While it’s courteous of you to only blast tunes using headphones, you could be doing real damage to your ears. It is proven that the tiny nerve endings in our ears are easily damaged by loud noises.

9.   Not protecting your toothbrush

Toothbrush- hygiene mistake
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We all make this mistake of leaving our toothbrushes uncovered. Toothbrushes, especially those in communal bathrooms, showed fecal contamination. Always try to keep your brushes covered to stay healthy.

10.   Slouching

slouching- posture mistake
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Everyone slouches from time to time, but if you allow your poor posture to continue, it can have real consequences. Slouching can lead to sore muscles, as keeping your back in a rounded position doesn’t offer support for your spine. Slouching can also cause your spine to curve, which can cause a pinched nerve. Do yourself a favour and sit up straight to avoid the posture mistake.

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