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10 Life Truths We All Have To Accept Once Our College Life Gets Over


Are you too freaking out that the Salad Days of your lives are getting over now?

It is repeatedly stated every possible where that the years you spend in college will be the best years of your life, and now, it has almost come to an end! Just those dreaded exams are to arrive. But, do not fear, life is not all downhill after the years spent in college life, struggling through exams!

We all know nobody wants their college life to get over. But as everything comes to an end so does our college life and we will have to deal with it. Once your college is over you will see a sea of change in your perspective and thought process. Because guess what, you are an adult now! An adult who is on his own and has a lot to prove to the world. A lot of things change but just remember you will be alright. For a whole range of reasons, life after college just keeps on getting better and better. Whether you finally achieve the sense of security and success you always hungered after, or realize that no one really has it together, becoming a ‘proper’ adult is a less daunting prospect than it might originally appear.

After all the consoling, good morning! College is getting over!!

Here is all you will feel once you click the last picture with your college wall!

Your college grades won’t matter and won’t guarantee you a successful life. Some of your friends who had bad grades might be more successful.


Once you bid farewell, you will realize that all the late night, last minutes assignments you did, the pdf’s you scanned and the books you mugged, they all won’t come into picture anywhere! Your job will nowhere have the mention of the lessons you mugged!

You have over the course of your college life mastered the art of self-control. Of course just after staying with all types of people, be it hyper, angry, chirpy or emotional. And now you are trained to handle them all!


Once you enter the job phase of your life, you no longer will have to learn the art of handling and understanding people, just because you have done it all already!

You suddenly get a realization that you could have done better during your college days. You could have done more, read more, learn more.


No matter how exceptional your college experience may have been, your undergrad years are kind of like the essays you wrote for your classes: The first draft might not be that bad, but you feel like you could make some changes if you had the opportunity to revise it. You’ll spend a lot of time after college reminiscing about those years. This will not only remind you of the good times, but also the times that might have been even better had you done things a little differently.

It is the time when you check all your pictures clicked from the first year of your college life till now. All the makeover you had, from being ugly to pretty! And some of your stupid status updates regarding college life. You are judging yourself right now!


You have a constant battle within your head. The yin and yang in you will fight and say that all the statuses you uploaded are fine, you were a kid back then, and the other part of you will fight and say, what will your colleagues now think about you! Should you delete all the statuses or let it be and let people figure out how mature you are now.

From now on deadlines will mean deadline. And the figures for you will change.


You will no more be able to convince your teachers to postpone the date for the assignment. Now teachers have been replaced by bosses! And they don’t listen to anyone! Along with that all the figures you admired and wanted to have (36-24-36) will now change to pie charts and graphs.

The thought of friends being replaced by colleagues is lingering in your head.


No more parties, no more gossips, no more casual language and making fun of each other. All of it will change! It will all be formal!

The importance of money will change in your life. You can’t call your dad if you need money without giving it a thought.


Now that you are an adult you just cannot keep on asking your parents for money! You have to earn your own living and now is the time when you will also have to start contributing to your family.

You will lose touch with people that had carried the most amount of importance in your life.


While you may have spent many drunken nights with your college friends assuring each other that you would remain close forever, that doesn’t often come to fruition. It’s easy to see these people when they live over in the next dorm. When you graduate and go your separate ways, it won’t be so simple. Missing college is, in many ways, just another version of missing your friends. That’s something we all go through.

There will be a time when you will be trapped in no man’s land and will miss your college group. You have to start doing things on your own.


Office parties, colleagues wedding, you will miss the parties and fun done with your college gang. No more vodka shots like crazy!

Your life might not be the way you expected it to be after graduation. But if you pull up your socks and do more of the right things it might be better.


You now have to learn the art of living!  

The truth, though, is that once you start to accept the reality of the situation, you also begin to see new opportunities. Real life allows you to fully enjoy your independence. College was cool, but it’s over. Now it’s time to make the rest of your life cool, too.

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