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10 Common Excuses We All Make For Coming Late To Work

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Getting out from a profound agreeable sleep by battling out all possible beautiful dreams is somewhat hard for some people, okay let’s admit more all of us! We all tend to snooze the alarm that we have scheduled and delay them awaken, this prompts late passage to the working environment.

It is safe to say that you are constantly late for work? The good news is, you’re not the only one: At least 15% of the working populace confesses to folding into the workplace late at least once every week.

Need some more data to help and explain your supervisor for what reason you’re not there at 9 am dot?

As per a recent survey, it has opened up that almost 15% of the general population turn up late to the workplace in any event once every week and 27% do the equivalent once per month.

There are numerous reasons which are disclosed by latecomers to their higher professionals, some are fascinating and some are funny.

A portion of the basic reasons employees use when being late is Traffic, sleep schedules, and climate conditions. These are the best late for work pardons for the most part utilized. Some other late to work reasons are,

late to office
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  • Traffic – 51%
  • Oversleeping – 31%
  • Bad weather – 28%Too tired to get up – 23%
  • Forgetting something -13%

With dozens of responses, we concluded that many of you and your employees are really into rescuing animals. Another significant amount of you have had to deal with some very devastating wardrobe malfunctions.

A lot of workers are truly into saving animals and use this as a solid excuse for getting late to work. Another very prominent excuse a lot of employees do tend to make is devastating wardrobe malfunctions while on the way to work.

Along these lines, here are some more funny excuses that we all tend to make while we are running late for work.

Some of the most ridiculous excuses are:

  • Pet got stuck in the toilet
  • A deer came down on the highway and the whole traffic got jammed
  • Woke up somewhere far from home
  • Ran out of milk for breakfast                       
  • Misplaced the contact lens and couldn’t find it
  • Water was dripping from the roof and it fell on the alarm clock
  • Got a scary nightmare so couldn’t sleep all night
  • The brush got stuck in the hair

Some common excuses for being late to the office:

1. Fighting against traffic:

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The most widely recognized reason which the majority of us use is of getting stuck with traffic.

Everybody realizes that during the peak hours’ traffic would be at its top and this would signify your late entry. In spite of the fact that you get up late, this is a typical and fantastic guise which is given by most people.

2. Ill family members:

Family member ill
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Another basic clarification each individual recounts is that their relatives’ particularly old members like grandmothers or grandfathers are sick. You can generally make reference to this and legitimize yourself that you were out to the clinics or supporting them till they were convinced.

3. Faulting public transferal:

Public Transport
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For experts who live far away from the city and depend on the public vehicle every day for work, accuse the transportation framework sounding out that the transport or local train turned up late.

Ensure that when forwarding this reason, no other worker uses a similar train or transport you use, as they may have reported at the time.

4. Feeling ill:

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Another regular however fascinating reason behind late coming can be becoming sick. You can ring up your manager and notice with a whiskey voice that you are somewhat sick and would be late to work.

Make it a minor ailment and not a serious one. You may have additionally pretended the earlier day saying that you are going to get sick. This will fix things and make your arrangement an ideal workout.

5. Car broke down:

Car broken
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A very rough-cut cause many individuals to come up with for late excuse is that their car broke down.

There are numerous alternatives for this situation; a punctured tire or a battery break-down and numerous things can be added to which makes a vehicle break-down.

6. Getting caught by police:

office late
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With fascinating reasons, another great reason can be stating that you were held up by the police for no reason. When you state that you were gotten for over speeding or red sign, you will be requested verification.

Hence to stay on the safer side, mention your boss that you were dragged aside for no goal at all.

7. Death in family:

Death of family member
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With the different clarifications for being late, demise in a family is another reason which a lot of workers use. Either grandparents or far away relatives are dead and subsequently, you may turn up late to work.

This will cool your supervisor’s attitude when you’re not in your work area. This sort of reason has no contentions to be made but to acknowledge.

8. Missed your purse:

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Ladies likewise think of pointless excuses by saying that they dropped their purse somewhere are got late just because they were busy finding it.

To figure out where their handbag was, they had to battle against a hard time to recover their profitable tote.

9. Wardrobe issues:

Lost Purse
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There are numerous professionals who come up expressing their closet has been trapped, locked or keys lost; these can be substantial reasons however cannot be used often.

10. Helping kids and baby:

Helping others
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Most of the employees come up with a valid and common purpose that they had to get their kids to school and babies to daycare before they set out to the office. This excuse can be true and valid but cannot be used often.

Felt like you’ve used them all?? Just like you need new ones we need them too… help us come up with new excuses by sharing your top excuse in the comment section below. 

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