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10 Amazing Things That only 90’s Kids Will Get!

90's kids memories

Be glad you grew up when you did.

Life wasn’t really better back then, but it goes with no denying that it was unquestionably unique, and there were loads of regular things you most likely never thought would end up being out of date (or, goodness, vintage!). While some of these items are still around and can be used, they’re presently viewed as old-fashioned and are just no longer come in our normal everyday life. We all miss them right? We all miss those basic joys: Putting on another vinyl record, playing snakes on the telephone, and dialling up a friend using an old rotating phone and dreading the bill that will come!

The generation now will not get the job of being connected with others, all they are busy in is being surrounded by technology and getting rolled in the vicious cycle of the web!

If the expression “Do you remember when…” makes you feel good inside out, then this article will make you bath is great satisfaction and help you recollect your good olden days.

We at Curiouskeeda thought that the time had come to delve in our feeling of nostalgia and just recall all the things that unite the 90’s kids.

Here is a shout out to 90’s babies!

1. Spending zillions of hours in recording and tapping the perfect mixtape and how about remembering using a pen, pencil, finger and any possible item that would help us all re-tape the cassette wire.

mix tape

2. How we could never keep music in our pockets for a on the go session just because they were so bulky!

the old walkman in the 90's

3. We all wanted the universe on our roofs! These were stuck to every available part of our walls. Remember 90’s kids?

4. Remember how setting a ringtone was a task! We all had to record the best part of the song on your phone recorder and then set it as our ringtones! No mp3 cutters you know!

the old phone and ringtones

5. No fancy stuff, just a metal piece to make you roll to places. And remember how the key that came along was soooo important as it was the only thing that would help you resize the strap.

roller skates in 90's

6. Nowadays, dialling a number is as simple as pressing a few buttons, but not back in the day! If your finger snagged the wrong hole, it was easy to dial the wrong number.

7. There was no Google or Siri back in the day! Research meant a trip to the local library and lots of time spent flipping pages. And remember all of the things you accidentally learnt using these bulky encyclopedias.

encyclopedia only 90's kids will remember

8. Definitely, you can still buy them, but now post buying it we all will use it as decorative pieces. We all have laptops and portable keyboards now. With typewriters, if you made a mistake, you had to either write it out or start all over again, not like today’s computers!


9. There was something so fun about watching this toy just spin and spin. There were spin fights in utensils just because we didn’t need fancy electronics to have fun back in the day!

spin top 90's kid

10. We did not have these ps4’s right?? Mario and contra were things. And remember how blowing in the game cassette was the best solution to all game-related problems?

mario the game

Happy Nostalgia!

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