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10 Amazing Super Characters To Join the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel Characters
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is in the 11th year now. With more than twenty-three movies out and more on their way, many superheroes have made the leap from flat comic pages to the big screens. But there is still a vast catalogue of characters we haven’t seen yet. 

Surprised? Let’s get to know them:


Reed Richards

Reed Richards Marvel
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Reed Richards is one of the earliest Marvel superheroes and with other members of the Fantastic Four movie that has appeared in multiple animated and normal films.  We’ve seen Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic as both a full-fledged scientist and a young upstart. But we have yet to see any film showcase Reeds’ true potential. 


Dark Phoenix

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While the same as Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey’s telekinetic powers are on the far side something that presently exists within the MCU. She’d not solely build a wonderful mentor for Wanda, serving to her to navigate her powers and develop them even more, however, she’d be an excellent asset to the Avengers team.



Blade Marvel
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Blade’s popularity and fame in Marvel comics had peaked within the 70s and by the 90s he’d been almost forgotten by everybody but his most ardent fans. Yet, once it absolutely was proclaimed that Wesley Snipes was moving into the character’s half-vampire, half-human shoes interest in the character surged enough to earn 2 follow-up movies. Within the comics, Blade was recruited by Nick Fury to hitch a brand new team of Avengers that’s been shaped to fight against the villains that threaten Earth. With Fury still doping up in movies here and there, it’s simple to examine however he might recruit the lamia hunter to fight for the aspect of fine.


Miles Morales

miles morales marvel
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Miles Morales first won fans once he took over the role of Spider-Man on the page in 2011, however he won a lot of fans in 2018 with the release of Into the Spider-Verse. This unimaginable flick force in varied Spider characters from across the Multiverse, however, it still exists singly from the MCU.



Rogue Marvel
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While Anna Paquin did an exquisite job with Rogue, her character was criminally underused within the original X-Men triplet. Her portrayal of the character was too young to essentially dive into a great deal of the complexities and it finished up not operating in addition as they’d have likable on screen.

However, with Carol Danvers’s discovery, it might be fun to examine Rogue finally gain a number of her a lot of cosmic powers.


Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy Marvel
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Like Miles, Gwen Stacy, and her alter-ego Spider-Gwen created her massive screen debut late last year in Into the Spider-Verse. During a flip from this reality, she’s the one who was bitten by the hot spider, and Peter tragically lost his life. With the MCU Spider-Man is presently sloshed with MJ, the looks of Gwen Stacy might throw things into an agitation.



storm marvel character
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An extremely powerful Omega-Level mutant, Storm possesses the flexibility to regulate, manipulate, and modify the weather PRN. She’s been a very outstanding member of the X-men in varied types of media from her 1st on-screen look in X-Men: The Animated Series to her most up-to-date appearance in X-Men: Apocalypse.



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David Haller, or Legion, is best referred to as the son of academician Charles Xavier and he created his tiny screen debut in Legion back in 2017. Whereas the show is connected to the prevailing X-men flick franchise, it still breaks free the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Legion’s powers are closely tied to an intense trauma that caused his temperament to fracture into pieces. Every one of his ensuing alternate personas took management one amongst his several superpowers.



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If Professor X is the glue that holds the X-Men along, then Scott Summers is their final leader. The first trilogy didn’t get manage to induce Cyclops characterization correct. Scott could be a true leader, nevertheless, within the movies, he wasn’t ever ready to step into the role of team leader as he was too busy snarking with Logan and fighting with Jean.


Johnny Storm

johnny storm
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Before they joined the MCU each Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan created their Marvel debut within the Fantastic Four movies because of the assertive, fiery Johnny Storm. Both movies stayed fairly faithful to the characters and origins, they didn’t manage to hit the mark for audiences.

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