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Is Tongue Cleaning Important??

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You brush and floss two times each day, right?

However, you just could be doing your mouth a disservice if you are not likewise attacking all possible minuscule organisms living on your tongue. Even if it is to fight horrendous breath or just for good dental wellbeing, cleaning your tongue is very important. You certainly understand that brushing your teeth is key to keeping your silvery whites impeccable and sparkling. However, shouldn’t something be said about tongue cleaning?

Is it something that you really need to worry about? For no good reason, truly, you should take just two or three minutes consistently to clean your tongue. 

The tongue is the most important part of the mouth, it energizes us in two basic activities eating and talking. Without it, tasting different dishes at different spots is simply unimaginable. Singing, calling someone, whistling, to nibble something and swallow in all, in of these activities tongue plays a very important role. We as a whole realize it is a fundamental part of our life but still, we simply don’t give much consideration to it. Believe it or not, the tongue is a port for a ton of microorganisms to develop in. This muscular organ is made up of a group of muscles with each one having a specific job to perform. For example, the muscle under the tip of your tongue moves food from the front of the mouth to the back where it can mix with salivation and separate into swallowing bits.

Now that we know a little about this muscle, here is additionally what you need to know about why you should be paying more attention to the cleanliness of your tongue and how to do just that.

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Just as these microscopic organisms develop on and in the middle of your teeth, solidifying into plaque and tartar if not removed, microbes additionally develop on your tongue. The outside of your tongue is shrouded in little knocks called papillae, and inside the grooves of these knocks gather microscopic organisms, dead skin cells, and food particles. A slender layer of bodily fluid, which coats the plump pieces of the mouth, then secures this. The microscopic organisms and other debris trapped on the tongue can cause terribly bad breath, or halitosis, and white staining of the tongue. Furthermore, the microbes on the tongue can redeposit onto teeth and gums, even after they have been cleaned, increasing the probability of plaque and tartar development, which will further affect your oral wellbeing. 

Now that we know cleaning the tongue is important, here are the best ways to clean your tongue. 

Okay, all of this talk about bacteria on your tongue is gross, we know, but bear with us.

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Here is how to clean your tongue and get rid of the biofilm of bacteria that could lead to oral problems.

Every time that you brush your teeth, take some time to brush your tongue, rather than only doing this occasionally. After all, bacteria will once again accumulate on the tongue rather quickly after you brush, so a daily routine could help keep the nasties at bay as much as possible.

There are two principal ways to appropriately clean your tongue: brushing and scraping

How to brush your tongue:

  • Brushing your tongue includes delicately scouring your tongue from back to tip with a dampened toothbrush. 
Cleaning Tongue
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  • You can do this most effectively while brushing your teeth by releasing abundance toothpaste subsequent to cleaning your teeth before flushing with the goal that your mouth and toothbrush still have toothpaste buildup on them. Then delicately scrub your tongue, cheeks, and the top of your mouth before rinsing to receive the defensive benefits of the toothpaste and get an inside and out clean.
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How to scrap your tongue:

  • If you are someone who prefers an alternate or extra tongue cleaning strategy, you can try out a tongue scrubber/scraper. 
  • These scrapers can be found cheaply at all possible medication stores. They are designed in such a way that it glides along the outside surface of your tongue, removing the tongue’s layer of bodily fluid, as well as the microbes and debris it traps.
  • To use the scrapper most viably, place the scraper at the back of the tongue while keeping your tongue out and, with even weight, slide the scrapper down along the tongue’s surface towards the tip. 
tongue scrapper
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  • Wash the scrapper and repeat, making a point to move from the back of the tongue to the tip in order to not to accidentally ingest the bacteria is removed. 
  • When the entire surface of the tongue has been scratched, thoroughly clean and dry the tongue scraper, and brush and floss your teeth as you normally do.

How often should one clean tongue?

Cleaning your tongue ought to be a part of your daily oral health routine. Microorganisms start to develop on the outside of teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue just moments after you have brushed, so a daily tongue cleaning routine, just like you brush and floss, should be very important in warding off oral health problems.

Extra Tips!

Try not to be excessively forceful, as your tongue is sensitive, and we are sure you do not want to do more harm than good. If your tongue by chance is harmed while you are cleaning it, you are probably being too rough. Delicate is the watchword here. You do not have to use a ton of weight, and you do not have to scratch or brush your tongue quickly.

Also Remember

The sensitive skin of your tongue could end up disturbed and inflamed very easily. If you do harm, it may be ideal to skip cleaning your tongue for a few days until the skin has mended so the issue does not deteriorate.

Just in case the situation worsens, try opting for some expert help. KB Dental Clinic can be a go-to option here. They have a wide range of facilities to offer. 

Your Dentist Is Always There to Help!

Whether you have questions about chronic bad breath, a tongue that feels sore, or the best tools for thoroughly cleaning your tongue, the only way to get personalized advice is by seeing your dentist. KB Dental Clinic can be your one-stop care. 

Once all of your questions are answered, and once you have the right tongue cleaning technique down, you might notice that your breath smells fresher and your teeth and gums are healthier. So, if you haven’t done it yet, consider adding tongue cleaning to your daily regime and have a one on one session with the experts of KB Dental Clinic to know the process in detail.

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