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Who are you? Kumbhakarna Or Vibhishan: The Tale of Loyalty And Righteousness

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By the time you have read the title, many of you would have said Vibhishan in your hearts. That is because we all have grown up reading several good things about Vibhishan and bad things about Kumbhkaran. But who were these two? Let’s take a U-turn and go back to the time when we used to watch Ramayana as kids. Ohh! If you still watch Ramayana on Doordarshan, then just recall the day before yesterday’s episode where Kumbhakarna and Vibhishan had a serious conversation right before the bloodshed war. 

Being younger brothers of Ravana and a true follower of Lord Shiva, both Kumbhakarna and Vibhishan belonged to Rakshasa Yoni (Rakshasa’s Clan). And, if you missed the episode, don’t worry! 

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Kumbhakarna and his Lord Brahma’s blessings: 

Kumbhakarna was a second child to Kaikesi (mother of Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Surpanakha, and Vibhishan). With Kummbhakaran’s eating habits, it was a possibility that all food-grains of the world would be pulled down, which was a great concern of those times. Once Kumbhakarna revered Lord Brahma and requested him to fulfill a blessing; that he will never be killed by any person in the war. Lord Brahma being Brahma, granted him his wish but with a condition. The condition was that Kumbhakarna will sleep for 6 months, wake up for a day, fill his stomach, and again go back to sleep for the next 6 months. Lord Brahma said, “for that one day, when you (Kumbhakarna ) would be awake, no one (Dev or Rakshas) would be able to defeat you!  Therefore, Kumbhakarna had to complete 6 months’ nap to be able to be unconquered. 

And, that’s why Kumbhakarna  is famed for his sleeping and eating habits. And, that’s why many mothers call their kids ‘Kumbhakarna ’ when they are lazing around.

Vibhishan and his blessings since birth:

Vibhishan’s habits were like devta (God) since his childhood. Despite taking birth in the Rakshasa family, Vibhishan was a genuine individual who always believed to walk on the right paths. No matter what. He was an extremely respectable individual in Lanka. Ravana decided to kill Hanuman and ordered his people to take action when Hanuman came as an envoy to have a conversation with Ravana. It was Vibhishan who elucidated how killing an envoy is unacceptable and manifests cowardness. He also endeavored several times to make Ravana understand of the fact that abducting Sita was wrongful conduct. Being a demon from inside, Visbhishan always exhibited a pure mind and an unfiltered soul.  

The LOYAL Kumbhakarna and the RIGHTEOUS Vibhishan

If you saw the episode, you must have noticed that Kumbhakarna was also not in the favor of abducting and keeping Sita. He also tried explaining the repercussions of Ravana’s immoral act. But, Ravana did not listen to him either. Ravana, instead, appealed to him to go to the battle-ground and conquer Lord Rama. Being a younger brother and knowing the fact that he would die, he listened to his elder brother and pioneered the battle alone. What a loyal brother right? Hats off to Kumbhakarna! It’s hard to find such true-hearted people these days. Kumbhakarna is just more than his diets. He is way beyond our imagination or dreams that we have in our sleep. 

Now coming to the other side of the coin, which is ‘Righteousness’. Vibhishan joined Lord Rama’s army when Ravana threw him out of Lanka and did not listen to him. He stood against his own elder brother. He took the most difficult path just to save the world from war. Keeping all his benefits aside, he always believed in righteousness. He fought against his own brother, Ravana and revealed several secrets to Lord Rama just to ensure that the right man wins the battle. Known for his betrayal, Vibhishan received a lot of criticism from the society because he broke his own elder brother’s faith. 

So, who would you like to be? Kumbhakarna or Vibhishan? Just keep the answers to yourself and keep reading.

Keep calm and choose one
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The world needs both! The loyal Kumbhakarna and the righteous Vibhishan. They could save the world from the Coronavirus Outbreak.  Why can’t we?

So, when your mother or anybody calls you Kumbhakarna, ask yourself a question; are you really Kumbhakarna? Have you been this loyal to anybody in your close-circle? And, when somebody labels you as Vibhishan, ask this question to yourself – have you ever been this right to someone? If the answer is no to both the questions (We are elated if the answer is yes to either one or both of them) and you are feeling extremely sad about the fact that you have never been this loyal or right to anybody, don’t panic, the government is offering you a chance where you can be faithful and still be right at the same time! 

  • What is the right thing to do amidst the Coronavirus pandemic?

To Stay At Home And Social Distancing!

  • What is the loyal thing to do amidst the Coronavirus pandemic?

To Stay At home And Social Distancing!

stay home stay home - Kumbhakarna
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In 2020, the demon is Coronavirus! Be faithful to what Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji has said. Be right to yourself and follow all 7 points (below) that Modi Ji has advised yesterday! 

Modi lockdown rules - Kumbhakarna
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This lockdown, be either Vibhishan or Kumbhakarna, you are definitely going to save the world from this severe pandemic. So, wear those faithful and rightful wings and let’s save the world together!

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