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What Is Your Spirit Animal? Find Yours Today.

find your spirit animal

In some spiritual systems and cultures, it is believed that we each travel with elements of the spirit guides which also comprises animals. Many certified healers have explained the significance of spirit animals and how do they help us in our lives. You can utilize the vibes of your spirit animals through meditation or totem form. 

The word ‘totem’ symbolizes a group of like-minded people. And an animal totem is a symbolic depiction of your animal guide. It can be in the form of a totem pole, emblem, crest, a statue of jewelry. In brief, totem animals are those animals with whom we feel an extremely strong connection and they influence us throughout our journey. 

Before you find out who your spirit animal is, let us explain some peculiar details about the spirit animals. 

What is a spirit animal? 

find your spirit animal

You do not choose the animal, rather it chooses you or has already chosen you. Yes it is absolutely correct! A spirit animal is indicated as messenger or teacher that comes in the form of a creature and has personal relationships with you (individual). Synonyms of spirit animals include, guides, spirit helpers, power animals or spirit allies. Your spirit animal will always be there to stand by you and guide you in the form of lessons or guidance. 

3 things to know about Spirit Animals:

  1. You can have one or more than one spirit animals throughout your whole life. They can come and go out of your lives. But, they will always be there to protect you from any form of mishap. They also help you to maintain balance. 
  2. Just like some individual in your life, an animal does bring you a message in several ways. You can dream about it or it can be in your meditations or you might have it as a pet. 
  3. Your spirit animal indicates the qualities that you possess. You might never communicate with it directly, but paying attention to the nitigrities, for instance, your specific behaviour, habits, character traits, diets etc. would help you in searching for your spirit animal. 
find your spirit animal

How to figure out your spirit animal? 

Just notice repeated encounters with your own type of animal. It could be a physical interaction or in a symbolic form. Usually, in this case, your spirit animal appears to you over and over again but in an obvious way. Let’s take a hypothetical example:

Suppose you are watching Discovery Channel and you watch tigers for about 3 times. Then you open your wardrobe and see a t-shirt which has cheetah prints on it. Then you walk into a store which has some tiger wall designs. 

It’s just a hypothetical example. To know your actual spirit animal take the quiz below: 

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