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Seven Types of People We All See On Holi…

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Holi is the celebration of delight, love, bliss, and friends. Holi is about water battles, pakka rang, mud and dung (and bhang of course!) And the triumph of good over evil, the affection amongst Radha and Krishna, and so on. Holi is a celebration when individuals go full scale and couldn’t care less about being impeccable or what other individuals would consider them. As the well-known saying goes “Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai”. Hence, Holi is a celebration of no judgments. Each Holi accompanies an alternate vibe and leaves enduring shades of impressions (truly!).

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya -Holi - Featured Image

This year, as you prepare to go out and celebrate, we disclose to you the sort of individuals you’ll go over. Presenting to you some striking souls that we as a whole bump into every Holi.


What category do you fall into???

1. The Rang Me Nots

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya - Rang me Note

These peace-adoring souls tries to cover up inside their homes with pardons running from skin-sensitivities to examinations to by and large dislike for the super-fun celebrations. The holi celebrators are the worst thing about their reality since they are the ones who drag the rang-me-nots out of their place of refuge into the wild-wild universe of hues and keechadh.

2. The Silver Squad

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya - Silver

Heading se he clear ho gaya hoga. They look more like robots than people, with silver paint covering each noticeable inch of their skin. Just to break the tedium of the metallic tints, they include dashes of oil and musk. Splash jars and colored capsules are their most loved frill amid Holi. What’s more, they are the ones who need to make you a piece of them, they need you to be a piece of the robot family.

3. Overprotective grandmothers

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya - Grandmother

They are the ones who’ll yell at you for not having enough vegetables on your plate or for not dressing sufficiently for the celebration. For not showering in oil and for getting a getting colored excessively. They’ll go frantic if you get back home soaked. However, they are the ones who’ll adore you and favor you the most this day.

4. The Foodies

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya - Food

They are the ones who pay special mind to the best Holi indulgences all over. They leave no stones unturned to locate the best Holi-extraordinary food. It is impeccable to hang out with them since they will ensure that you attempt each and every kind of palatable food! (fun).

5. The Guerrilla Attacker

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya - Guirella Atacker

This species is astonishing!! They will jump up from places you least expected. They’ll rapidly do their thing and vanish before you could strike back. They are the genuine Mr. India’s.

6. The Ultra-High on Bhang

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya - Bhaang

This is the entertaining group who begin their Holi with Bhang and are adding an intriguing cluster to hang out with. Liquor, thandai or bhang ke pakode, they will have it all. These folks appreciate each wellspring of intoxication possible. They will be the ones dancing crazy. These individuals are super high on bhang and appreciate the celebration at a whole new level. Asli holi toh ye he khelte hai boss! In the event that you aren’t a bhang darling, simply watching them can be an amusing experience that you might not want to miss!

7. The well-guarded ones

Curiouskeeda - Holi Kavya - Wel Guarded

Do me a favor let’s not play holi is their slogan! They are the ones who’ll be doused in oil and will apply dark nail paints as a defensive shield. They’ll be completely canvassed in fabrics. You will find no space for them to apply colors.

These sorts of people are the feature of the celebration, and they are the ones who make this celebration genuinely fascinating. The ideal approach to appreciate Holi is to associate with some of them and let them lead the pack. It is a certification that you will appreciate all of the celebrations with them.

Hope you find some of the craziest companions this Holi and have an energizing one. From the unobtrusive sorts to the naach-gaana sweethearts, Holi is for everyone.
Happy Holi!


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