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Some Gifting Mistakes to Avoid During Diwali And A few Ways to Correct Them!

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The countdown of our favorite festival has begun! It is gifting time, again!

Diwali is just around the corner. It is finally time to pick the most amazing, fabulous, perfect and unique Diwali gift for your near and dear ones. A gift rightly conveys the emotions you want to convey when words fail to do the job. If you gift someone something, it means and implies that the receiver was on your minds and you invested time in thinking about what they would like and went out of your way to find a perfect Diwali gift for them. Some important and special people in your life deserve to be splurged on. And Diwali is the right time to do so. Diwali is just the right occasion to tell your special ones how their presence brightens up your life. With everything going on around Diwali, it becomes easy to lose perspective when you are buying gifts.

Buy now, you all must be all-set with ‘the right Diwali gift’ beautifully wrapped in shimmering papers and colorful ribbons! But, have you ever thought, will your gift be cherished or despised? This is one thing that no one knowns but there are also things that you can do to at least try and make sure that your recipient accepts the gift wholeheartedly. But imagine a situation where you picked an exquisite gift to be sent to your affectionate ones but made one or more mistakes. This will fade the enchantment of the gift, which of course we know you would not want. You want your gift to make a maximum impression and a good memory for the receiver.

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While a range of items can be gifted during Diwali, the fact is that there are a few things that are considered to be inauspicious. For example, you should never gift any item that is black in color. This color is highly unfavorable during Diwali. In a similar manner, silk, as a gift, is also to be avoided.

Knowing some other mistakes that can be avoided with Diwali gifts can be helpful. So, here are some gifting blunders that you simply can avoid over this Diwali. To make the process of gifting a stress-free experience for the entire family, check out the following points to avoid certain gifting mistakes and a few ways to correct them!

  • Not making the right decision about the functionality and aesthetics while selecting a gift
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Different people have different perceptions when buying a gift item. A few people value the utility of a product whereas, others tend to prefer a gift that is aesthetically pleasing. A gift must either be practical or it should add to the aesthetics of the place. (Here are other pro times to keep in mind while buying Diwali gifts) How amazing a gift would be if it has both! While choosing a gift, one should keep in mind to select a gift based on what matters to them- utility or visual appeal.

  • Buying something that you would never buy for yourself
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In retrospection, gifting your loved ones something you would not buy for yourself sounds appalling. The availability of so many choices confuses us and we end up choosing items we would not buy for ourselves. You are gifting the person you love, so, gift them something that you love.

  • Is it okay to give chocolates for kids?
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There is no kid in the world who does not love chocolates or ice creams or toys! The fact is, kids would do anything to get hands and face all dirty and chocolaty. So, the answer is that there is nothing wrong in giving a box of chocolate or maybe set of toys to a kid. But for infants, stay away from chocolates and maybe gift them some infant cloths.

  • How about re-gifting?

The process of re-gifting is known and prevalent in some countries like the US and some European countries. But this is still not the best practice to indulge yourself in. if goes without saying that the process of re-gifting can make things easy for you, but imagine re-gifting someone something which they gifted you maybe a couple of years back. *awkward silence*

  • Choose Something Worthwhile
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When you are selecting a Diwali gift, go for something that the person will actually find useful. People often end up giving gifts as useless as mugs and sweets, these gifts actually serve no purpose whatsoever. These are simply gifts that people will never end up using and pass it on while using the process of re-gifting. There are several inexpensive options in the market these days which can tick mark your need for gifting something worthwhile.

  • Avoid Overspending
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It is easy to end up spending a lot on Diwali gifts for the people you love. One should take special care to avoid overspending. While selecting the gift for your loved one, determine a budget and stick to it. Remember that you can find great gifts at reduced prices.

  • Not Keeping In Mind The Sensibility Of The Receiver

Speculate the responsiveness of the recipient of the gift. Don’t gift something that is personal, evokes unpleasant memories, makes the person conscious or leaves them embarrassed. You want a gift that your receiver admires and remembers as an excellent gift. Most people receive gifts that they keep to themselves or pass them to less important acquaintances. But this does not fulfill the purpose of gifting.

  • Gifting something that might affect the health of the receiver
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Gifting a consumable that makes a bad impact on the health of the receiver will be a mean and an insensible thing to do. For example, a sugary item for someone fighting with obesity or diabetes is not an ideal choice of a Diwali gift. If you want to help, gift something that will make the person happy. (Here are a few tips you can consider while choosing a gift for someone)

How to correct these mistakes:

  • Pick something that the receiver doesn’t know they need or is too lazy to buy. Try to find out what it is that they wish to buy but could not for some reason. Invest a little more time and choose a gift that will make an impact. Give a gift that unfolds over time, a gift that is time-intensive. Ask yourself- ‘What would your loved one really want and consider a precious artifact in their home?’ Go out-of-the-box!
  • Try to notice the things that the person you want to gift to already has. This might give you a hint about what the person would prefer. Like for instance, if the person is fond of decorating their place, gifting them a home decor item would be an ideal one.
  • Avoid going overboard. Give one gift at a time and think it well so that it is well-received by the person you are gifting it.
  • Pick a gift that is hassle-free and does not require any rocket science to be used. A gift that everyone would know how to handle or employ makes a much better Diwali Gift.
  • A gift has a bigger impression if it reflects who you are. This will make the connection stronger between you and the receiver. Now you must be wondering where can you find such gifts to avoid making the mistakes listed above.

These are the most common mistakes made by people when it comes to Diwali gifts. If you can avoid them, you are sure to help your friends and family have a great Diwali. Gifting should be a pleasurable experience. Let the shimmer of your gifts adds a dash of bling to the occasion.

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