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Competition is Tough, Be Strong!

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From the day when our bed was our mother’s womb to the white bed of peace, we are in a way competing for everything. We compete to get enrolled in school, to get better grades, to face the challenges of puberty with a cool-dude attitude, to break free the bars of innocence and enter into this crazy crafty world, to get a desired life partner, and this list is just endless.

If you are a commerce student you’d know, for business to continue, competition is vital. And for human beings to acknowledge and realize the latent potential, they too, need some healthy competition.

Let’s be a bit realistic in giving examples, so imagine, there’s a wire where you see hundreds of birds sitting and then there’s another wire where you see just one bird sitting. Who do you notice more? Definitely the bird sitting alone will catch your attention. That’s exactly where competition leads you, to great heights, where people can’t compare you with others because you’ve survived the basic necessity of making your dreams come true, and that exactly what competition is!

When you compete with different individuals that have different perceptions, different goals and totally different ideologies that is the point when you are able to magnify the qualities which gives you the wings towards success. Competition lifts you up, beyond the limits of sky.

“Winner Stands Alone” a book written by one and only Paulo Coelho, reflects the idea, that where there is competition, there’s surely a winner who is greatest of all and has a spark that others fail to catch.

If you keep on hiding behind the wall of fears, you’ll never be able to get acquainted with the very  depth of your potential.

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Competition is just like wind, it’s everywhere! Everywhere! Sometimes this wind will blow you away like it blows away sand in the desert. But, when you decide to walk against its direction, it will keep repelling you, making it harder for you to put that next foot forward, but soon you’ll reach a place where it affects you the minimal.

Competition has grabbed us all with its monstrous claws. If you have the potential to beat the monster with your confidence, diligence and patience, then you are the winner! But if comes a time when you just quit and falls in the hands of the monster, you’ll be defeated, by none other than your own self. The crazy monster and the fearless fighter are both within you. You just have to discover the fighter in you. Don’t let the monster win over the fighter.

Be a fighter, Be a tiger,

Rise above the great word ‘higher’

The heavy suitcase of your fear will be lighter,

And you’ll surely fly higher,

Above the highest.

You’ll, row the boat of your confidence, you’ll sail through the sea of your competition, you’ll drop the mast where your dreams will be clear, not hidden behind the clouds, but always heard amongst the victory shouts.

Competition brings out the differences among the similar. Competition has a dark side.

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Competition is war! The survivor becomes more powerful, and the weaker person loses the battle. Inferiority complex, here, takes its toll leading to misery, jealousy and depression of not being the one.

The more you compete with the situations positively, the more you’ll discover yourself and become superior.

Be like an eagle, all focused! Our focus should be towards the best, towards doing the best and being the best. Winning comes latter.

The holly book of Bible, chapter Corinthians 9:24 states,” Do you know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize. So run that you may obtain it without losing focus.”



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