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The 7 Types of Valentine’s Day Couples You Just Can Not Miss!

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As the Valentine week is here, there is a sudden spike of adoration noticeable all around and also an upsurge in the number of couples around us. Strangely or maybe thankfully, each couple is totally different from the other. Some are charming, some are lovable and others a real pain.

Here is what I am talking about!:

1. The Couple Who Don’t Care About Valentine’s Day

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This couple is the one who thinks in the logic of ‘What’s the purpose of burning through one day praising your adoration for each other when you need to do everything year-round?’ You will see them simply carrying on like typical people and not giving the affection a chance to hit them insane. They need to spare the celebrations for their anniversary.

2. The couple who unmistakably had a monstrous argument

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You’ll see them frowning at each other and saying nothing. So much glaring preceded by more glaring. The ideal approach to spot them is, they’ll be the one who’ll truly be distinctly decent to the server and if you’re around one such couple you’re probably going to catch the infamous “That is the thing that you generally say” or “How about we discuss this later”. They are stressful to even look at, Phew!!

3. The Fevicol-ki-Jodi

Curiouskeeda - Valentine New - Fevicol Ki Jodi

They are the ones who are dependably observed together. LIKE ALWAYS! You will see them meeting up, eating together and even heading to the loo together. Valentine’s Day did hit them with a truck. They will either force you to go ‘awwww’ at times or force you to frown in distaste. Hate them, love them but you can’t ignore them.

4. Jugaad Couple

Curiouskeeda - Valentine New - Jugaad Couple

This couple always carries a companion with them. Just because the restaurant had an uncommon deal and in addition, to part up the bill. All things considered, there’s three of them. What’s more, it’s… unbalanced. This couple is continually searching for an approach to make some mush discussions since it’s hard to have it before an outsider. “I adore you, dear.” “I cherish you as well!” “I like both of you” is the thing that you’ll hear when close to them. Awwwkkwarrdddd!

5. The One-Sided Couple

Curiouskeeda - Valentine New - One sided couple

This couple has some coordination issue. One person in this relationship unmistakably loves Valentine’s Day more than the other and the outcomes can be super ungainly. You can find them effortlessly as one will be more energetic and will clearly run over the edge with fondness while the less enthused one may at that point feel embarrassed and humiliated and may even take it out on their accomplice. You would do better to steer clear of this set!

6. The Babu-Shona Couple


This couple is just crazy in love. You will see them tending to each other with words like sweetheart, nona, jaan, babu, shona and so forth. This might sound irritating after a point and you will start hating them to the core. Go ahead swear to yourself that ‘I will never do this ever!” We would love to see you try! 😀

7. The Tum-Sirf-Mere-Ho Couple

Curiouskeeda - Valentine New - Tum sirf mere ho couple

This couple is insane. They are to a great degree possessive about each other and will thump you out if you come their way. They never allow their bae to go out with any other person. Never at any point! You are fine as long as you don’t stare or look them in the eye! Ummm, never look them in the eye.

So what number of these couples have you spotted around you? Have you had any Valentine Days or relationships that fall into this? Do you have any stories of your Valentine’s?  Share in comments below. We would love to read them.

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