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3Cs‌ ‌To‌ ‌Create‌ ‌A‌ ‌Culture‌ ‌That‌ ‌Inspires‌ ‌Amidst‌ ‌Coronavirus‌

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The way of working in organizations has been dramatically affected over the past two months. Many big and small companies have taken tough decisions for their stakeholders’ wellbeing. And, by doing this a few of them discovered that there is always a way to fabricate aspirational culture even in unprecedented times. 

On the other hand employees have exhibited command-and-control, self-centred attitude, and resource-hoarding behaviours in many organizations as well. They are putting customers and their organization’s priorities last on their lists amid elevated stress. 

Therefore, don’t waste this opportunity and define your aspirational culture. There are three Cs – Capture, Codify, and Communicate that all companies should be doing amidst coronavirus. 

1. Capture

Managers need to assess operations on a comprehensive level. It will help them capture the right opinion about the workplace. Workplaces are witnessing disruption and those leaders who are identifying this factor, are able to make good sense of the experience. By gathering information about the workplace and taking a mental snapshot of the moment, you will be able to serve as a team leader who endeavors to notice and fix everything. This can yield greater good in the future.

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For instance, removing barriers, changing processes to safely deliver products & services, and embracing social distancing rules while working, will play out in real time. This is an opportunity to come up with a considerable & reasonable invention that will help employees and other relevant stakeholders to tackle this situation. 

2. Codify

Codify means arranging data that you have collected while capturing all those issues & problems. Capturing has allowed you to observe your culture and take best possible measures. Recognizing both the best and worst articulation of your culture will drive the clear & consistent aspected of the desired culture. 

For this, the first step would be creating the right language that reinforces the aspirational elements to your captured-culture. Then, recognize the elements and attitudes that you really want to eliminate and take action. Let’s take an example of insurance companies. 

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Let’s assume that your insurance company has taken a decision to refund drivers for reduced traffic accidents. This is one of the ways to motivate drivers to drive safely. And, this decision might have been taken only because a manager closely analysed drivers’ data and found a new way of thinking and inspiring them. Now comes the question, what were those broad factors that helped manager to codify. Here are a few examples:

  • How did this idea get evaluated? 
  • What was the approval process and when did approval take place? 
  • Who was involved in the decision-making process?

By taking reasonable time to answer above questions, you will have a broad understanding of what worked and what did not work. It also exposes why your firm is not able to achieve some goals. 

3. Communicate

Sharing successful stories with your team is one of the best ways to change your culture for the better. Anthropologists have taught that civilizations pass down their beliefs, rituals, and values through storytelling. This is the same for everyone’s organizations as well. 

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Reinforcing behaviours that generate wins by identifying them is an essential factor in resetting the culture. Sharing meaningful stories of success is an authentic way to drive changes in your organization. It grounds your employees in hope for the future. 

And giving your employees some hope also helps them to be more engaged with the company. These stories are very critical content in any robust communication plan. So, don’t wait to share such stories and connect to your new culture. 

To drive the aspirational culture you have to not let in the gravitational pull of the past. That might just drag you backward. 3Cs – Capture, Codify, and Communicate, will make your organization different from your competitors. 

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