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Tanushree Dutta-Nana Patekar Controversy!

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Known for his playful charisma with the most edging dialogues ever, delivering back to back hits with a bold yet creaky voice, living with a passion for making the society a  better place for everyone, Nana Patekar, like many other Bollywood celebrities resides in the heart of his fans. The protagonist of all-time hits like Krantiveer, Natsamrat, Parinda is one of the most productive performing artist and a social lobbyist the film industry has come across. However, along with his works, his temper has been a part of Bollywood gossips. In any case, what is striking that, in the three decades that Patekar has kept on working in the Indian film industry, his liberality has dependably been applauded yet his temper issue has hardly caught anyone’s attention.

Things have altogether heathen up for the Patekar as a result of certain allegations of sexual harassment and lewd behaviour by a co-worker Tanushree Dutta during the shooting of Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008. Nana has denied any such charges, however a few reports from the past draw a distinctive photo of the male entitlement that helps Bollywood’s patriarchy thrive.

An outrage is comprehended differently in different sections of society. The society deciphers an outrage based on gender and on the level of popularity of the artist. The concept is unexpected and is kind of flawed. While the previous is for the most part endured, and in a few societies even energized as an indication of virile manliness, women’s wrath is rejected as the hysteric result of the absence of control. A man should always let it out. And for a woman, no such rights for you! The pain must have been unbearable for the man. However, a pinprick gets a woman whining. A woman already knows the consequences she will have to bear with, if, she decides to perform a passionate free anger show out in the open. Which is the reason when women performers are asked even the most driving inquiries they are expected to deal with these in a graceful manner or be a subject to endless scrutiny?

A performing artist Renuka Sahane expresses “Nana Patekar is known as much for his unstable temper as he is for his incredible ability or his social administration towards agriculturists. Numerous men and ladies from the film business have confronted his fury… trying to clarify why Dutta’s record of being tormented resounds with her own experience.”

The world now knows Dutta’s ordeal. As per how the turn of events occurred, she strolled off and secured herself her vanity van after Patekar purportedly asked for choreographer Ganesh Acharya to write in an evidently disgusting move into an item number that he wasn’t at first a part of.  Her car was damaged as she tries to leave with her parents and her van was mobbed. At least two observers confirmed her statement. In the following ten years, Dutta has tried gaining the support of people around her, bringing up the topic again and again, which, however, guaranteed a career-threatening halt to her life of becoming Bollywood’s next superstar.

On-screen character Rimi Sen tells the Seasons of India that Patekar “adored the company of women”. She properties his “irritability” to “dejection and dissatisfaction”. She says Patekar constantly regarded her as his girl. On-screen character Rakhi Sawant too has something to offer to the conversation, “She’s (Dutta) come back from America after 10 years and is barfing these allegations against Nana (watch Rakhi’s interview for more fun) . Nothing of this sort occurred. I did a song with Nana and he didn’t even touch me,” Both the stars had their own involvement, which is clearly not quite the same as Dutta’s. They are completely inside their entitlement to guard the on-screen character, who is inside his rights to challenge Dutta’s case. Yet, this does not prove in any case that Dutta is lying because she had a certain different experience with Patekar.

Actor John Abraham said about his Welcome Back co-star back in 2015 “I trust he is the most legitimate individual in the business. He is the most straightforward man. I would not reprimand him for getting irate as he demonstrates his displeasure when somebody fouls up. In this way, I don’t censure him. He is a phenomenal individual.”

Nana, apart from his loud temper, is a loud humanitarian in his private life as he is a vocal ally of farmers in Maharashtra. The problem with his volatile outbursts are with the eagerness of the industry to forgive his bad behaviour with far greater alacrity than they would for a woman. Even now, you must have been hearing lot brought up in the media about his steady, unwavering accounts of his generosity.

The society needs to accept the fact that it’s not that women are unlikely to have angry fits. If they have made a permanent space for themselves in the industry, they are likelier to get away with a lot of ease. However, no matter where they are in their career, they are many times held to a far greater scrutiny than their male counterparts, resulting in their actions being linked to their morality. Which is why so many women in the entertainment industry now choose to vent online on the social media of Twitter and Facebook, which in turn guarantees the safety of a direct voice and a safe space to express clearly their rage and frustration. We do not yet know if it was all but just a publicity stunt or if the allegations are true. The thing to learn from this incident is more young women in the industry need to step up for their rights, in the hope that their rage will produce greater amplification and upliftment for their colleagues. Moreover, for us as a society, we need to analyse the situation without being biased on any grounds.

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