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Ranveer Deepika: Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Always!

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15 days to their wedding!!
We are all hyped! Aren’t we?

When Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh first got together, nobody knew how it was going to turn out. While the former’s previous relationship had gone horribly wrong, the latter was the newbie in the film industry who had shown immense potential. We have followed their love story from its inception and aww-ed over every cute moment fervently hoping for things to not go south.

The two of them have risen to become Bollywood’s favorite couple both on screen and off screen for a reason. They are one of those incredibly lucky couples who struck the golden combination of chemistry and good timing. Since the very beginning they were a Jodi made in heaven!

Let’s have a look:-

1. It all stated in 2011 when they 1st “met” at Zee Cine award function.

Ranveer! Clever haan! Not giving us any hints of what was cooking!

2. The first official meet-up! Narrated by the lover-boy himself! Now we know it’s true.

So cute right?? I wish we all had someone who would romanticize each meetings like this! Sigh!

3. Ramm-Leela?? The official start?

Didn’t we all know it was meant to happen? The chemistry man!! (Script ki demand maybe? You never know)

4. Off-screen chemistry: GOALS!

Kyun aage peeche dolte ho bhavron ki tarah?

5. Constant Motivations!

I need motivation too!

6. Accepting it now?

We are sure it is ma’am!

7. Goofing Around Together.

Letting her craft you? Wow! Trust levels!

8. The Aww comments!

Awwww!! Meri Photo pe bhi krdo.

9. Not at all shy publically to express love!

Pyaar kiya toh darna kya?

10. Offical krde kya?

We are dying! We wish we were invited!

All things considered! We love you Deep-Veer!

We hope that your love always remains strong.


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