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Marvel Cinematic Universe: Top Facts

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Marvel is practically the love of every comic book nerd out there, and now with the advent of Avengers: Infinity War, the hype has become even more real. People of different ages have fallen in love with these iconic superheroes over the years. From Iron Man to Captain America, their heroic feats would constantly give one goosebumps and leave them craving for more. It all started with a comic book and then was given life on big screen when some of the best actors in the world took up the characters and gave them presence in our lives.

So, check out this list of top seven facts about, Marvel Cinematic Universe:

1. Chris Evans, who we all loved in Captain America had eventually turned down twice the role of playing the personality. He was skeptical about the time, effort and commitment it would require from his end to be invested for making the role successful.

2. Robert Downey Jr. who as we all know, plays the iconic and flamboyant role of Iron Man has a beautiful story of rising from a very dark place in his life to being on top of the world. Drugs had ruined his life and he finally got out of it. He was offered to play Tony Stark in Iron Man and got paid five hundred thousand dollars for his role. Iron Man went on to become one of the grandest successes ever. He was offered once again to play the character in the next edition of Iron Man and this time, got paid ten million dollars! And finally, when the man got to play the character in the third Iron Man movie, Robert was paid a whopping fifty million dollars for his work! Now that’s one amazing rise for the man.

3.  For playing the role of Thor, Marvel Studios wanted someone who is established in the career of movies and is a very well-known name. Before Chris Hemsworth, Marvel Studios had approached none other than James Bond for the role. But Craig had to turn it down due to his contractual terms with the James Bond franchise. Chris Hemsworth was finalized, he did a phenomenal job with the character and in retrospect, was a fantastic choice made by Marvel.

4.  The sole actor who made a nine movie deal is none other than Samuel L. Jackson who plays the iconic role of Nick Fury. He is the man who makes the protagonists and the superheroes sign up for the ride of what Avengers is all about. He is the one who would convince them to hop on board for a mission to save the world from all kinds of disasters and threats to humanity.

5.  The man who created the Marvel Universe is Kevin Feige. He is the one who came up with the brilliant idea of creating this global franchise which would take over the superhero movies of the world. Feige is the one who leads the ship in Marvel Studios. To make his vision into reality, he had taken a big loan and made his bet by building a huge set. That is where Iron Man was shot and it marked the beginning of a prolific Marvel Cinematic Universe list of movies.

6.  The Shawarma scene at the end of the first Avengers movie has an interesting story behind it. The scene was shot after the premiere of the movie.

7.  Chris Evans had taken up his next role Snowpiercer and had to go bald for suiting his role. This of course was a problem to project him as Captain America. Hence, the production had to put him in a wig and also gave him a prosthetic jaw. The scene ultimately became a major success as the audience loved the quirkiness of the ending scene and appreciated the extra little bonus after the film.

So there you have it! Now you know some really interesting facts about the MCU which your friends might now know about. So what are you waiting for? Get them together and share what you have just learned! And maybe then, why not get together and enjoy a Marvel movie of your choice. Did we miss any facts which you expected to find in the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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