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All about The Forever “Prick”

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We still continue to gush over DeepVeer saga and we have nabbed one more in our diary. “The Forever Prick”. Yes! We are talking about none other than Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

Prick made their relationship official by posting their rain dance story on Instagram. We all remember how beautiful and happy Priyanka Chopra was looking in that video.  Since then, these two munchkins make hot news after every alternate day. They also put up the pictures of their Roka Ceremony in July which grabbed a lot of attention on social media. Their lovey-dovey voyage started when Nick initiated the conversation at the MET Gala and asked PeeCee to connect sometimes. Aah! That first connection made them fall for each other forever.

When they made it official, the social media trolled their age difference. Despite of their age difference of 10 years, the duo is quite mature in their love and truly complement each other.

The lively duo has been rocking the headlines but let see what they have got in common.

1. The family and the love!

The Desi Girl and the American singer hail from two different countries. But when it comes to family, both of them are of same opinion. The couple said that their love for family is one of the strongest reason of their togetherness.

During their Roka Ceremony, Priyanka’s mother shared with paparazzi that she is happy that her daughter has found somebody whom she can count on. However, she wants her daughter to get engaged in a Desi format. This statement of hers makes her a modern mother but a bit conservative from heart. On other hand, talking about Nick Jonas’ parents, they loved Indian Roka Style and congratulated their future daughter-in-law.

2. Their passion for singing!

This twosome is highly zealous about singing. Priyanka got her singing nerves from her father whereas, Nick has been making musical journeys since he was 10 years old. Though, Priyanka is still a novice in this arena but Nick has proved his professionalism through his many albums. When “Jhilmil”(Priyanka’s character in one of the Hindi movies)  came up with her first music video “In My City” in collaboration with Will.I.Am, she received a lot of critical comments. People even stated that she has piled editing soft-wares to make her voice more enchanted. But, whatever is the case, we all loved the song so much!As per the sources, Nickyanka might come up with a music video soon.

3. Exhibiting love publically!

We have seen many case where the partners don’t accept their love-affair publically, but, look at this duology! 

From social media to family, they have expressed their love with open hands. There have been so many episodes where this dyad has commented on some pictures/videos of each other. Not only this, they had no muddles in revealing their Goa Trip pictures to the world.

4. The Cynophilists!

Dog lovers know something that no one else does: there’s no purer form of love than the kind you get from your four-legged family.

Its’ like both Priyanka and Nick have taken this quote so seriously in their lives. Both of them love dogs like too much. The dogs own a space in their Instagram accounts. It feels like its’ dogs’ fundamental right to photo-bomb Nickyanka’s images.

5. The Forever Foodies’

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In a world, where looking graceful and slender is the need of an hour, the duo does not escape themselves from eating whenever they get the opportunity. They like being clicked with food. From Pizzas to Salads, These two Hollywood stars endear food like anything.

The celebrations are going to kick-off from November 29 to December 03.

December 1 is going to be the D-Day for “Jopra”. They already have arrived in Mumbai and are busy in their wedding preparations. 

We can’t wait to call them as Priyanka Jonas and Nick Chopra. Yaayyyy!

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