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7 TV Shows From The 90s That You Need To Watch Right Away!

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Indian television has come a long way and will continue to progress. However, the rate at which it churns out saas-bahu serials which are devoid of any kind of logic, is alarming. Millennials have always been forced to seek solace in English TV shows that are intellectually more challenging.

With the arrival of streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video, the popularity of English TV shows in India has boomed even more. With superior content and fantastic plots, the shows receive a lot of love from the Indian audience.

The 90s was a golden era for TV shows. Some of the gems of that period still hold the same relevance today like I do. If you want to ditch the new shows and go retro for a while, then do not miss out on the following TV shows because they are some of the best in television history.

 1. Friends



This TV show needs no introduction as it is a cult classic of many for a reason. Who would  know  that the story about six New Yorkers, who are trying to get by with each other’s help , would become companions for life ?

Curiouskeeda - 90s show- Friends

The popularity of Friends shows that people across the world essentially enjoy the same sense of humor irrespective of the generational gaps. . Very few TV shows have been able to leave behind a legacy as rich as Friends’. If you still do not know who Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Chandler are by now, then start binging.

2. The X-Files



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This show paved the way for modern sci-fi and crime fiction shows but remains a favorite nonetheless. Mulder and Scully taught an entire generation some lessons about loyalty and trust.

3. ER



Curiouskeeda - 90s show- ER

Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs have ER to thank because this show was a landmark in making hospitals a popular background for telling stories. In fact, ER remains one of the greatest hospital dramas of all time, and you should definitely give it a watch if you are into this genre. The narrative combines the professional ups and downs of emergency room. It also showcases the personal lives of doctors and nurses.

The Simpsons




Here is the thing about The Simpsons:”They will never grow old”. This witty television show managed to convert animation haters to its die-hard fans, and that is something not a lot of shows can boast of.

Curiouskeeda - 90s show- Simpsons

The reach of Simpsons is far beyond just America. This sharp comedy graces our screen even today, and you must have stumbled upon it once or twice while surfing through TV channels. Next time, take some snacks and sit down to watch it. You will have a great time. Trust me.

5. Seinfeld



Curiouskeeda - 90s show- Seinfiels

Jerry Seinfeld can impress you with his incredible sense of humor and knack of saying the perfect things at the perfect time. Seinfeld is again a cult favorite that acted as a precursor to modern comedy TV. With hilarious story lines and brilliant acting, Seinfeld is easily one of the gems of the 90s that shines brightly even today. The sarcastic, sometimes dry, but always hilarious humor is infectious.

Boy Meets World





Curiouskeeda - 90s - Boy meets world

A beautiful bildungsroman! This TV show became super popular not only among kids but also among the adults. Get ready to go on a journey with Cory, Shawn, and Topanga that will teach you valuable lessons about life and friendship. If you love watching stories of people growing up and becoming used to the adult world, then this show is definitely something you should check out. This will really help you in dealing the adult problems (pun intended). 😉

7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer





Curiouskeeda - 90s show- The Vampire

Want to meet one of the most bad ass women on television? Buffy could fight against the worse evils and emerge victorious while attending school. She is a rather complex but heroic woman who deserves your time and attention.

Curiouskeeda - 90s - Collage

Which one will you watch? If we missed out anything, do let us know in the comment section below. 😀 









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