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5 Reasons: Why “Virushka” is a Great Couple!

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Relationships are not rocket science. It only needs two imperfect people who desire to look perfect together.  


The internet is trending with Virushka’s wedding pictures and we are in love with this newly wedded couple. From cricket to Bollywood, everybody is congratulating them on Facebook and Twitter. The wedding was a destination wedding and happened in Tuscany, Italy on December 11, 2017. And, Virat and Anushka are giving relationship goals to committed people. Here are 5 reasons for “Why Virushka is a Great Couple”…

1. Money does not matter:
Forget money and fame, Virushka is very serious about the relationship. The most important thing in any relationship is that both should not give up on each other and Virushka has been doing the same since they started their relationship. They have had their bad times in the career, in love lives but it did not have any impact on their relationship. It does not come with money. It comes along with care, understanding, and love for your partner.


2. Show off your partner to the world:

Showing off does not mean that one should be popular enough to be shown off (In Virushka’s case, both are popular) to the world. It simply means to accept your love in the society. We all know how Virat keeps posting his pictures with Anushka on his Twitter handle. This not only strengthens the relationship, but it makes your partner feel special and s/he gets attracted towards you more.

Curiouskeeda - Virat and Anushka

3. Share your dreams:

Virat Kohli is our Captain whereas, Anushka Sharma is a Bollywood star. Having different background might give you a tough time in the relationship. But, the way these two stars have handled the tough time is a thing that committed people should learn from them. If you can share each other’s’ dreams, you can definitely share each other’s homes. If you want your partner to be your forever partner then stop questioning his/her career, start believing in them and helping them.

4. Communicate and Express Yourself as much as you can:

We all remember, when Virushka broke up and wanted to focus on their careers. But, we also remember that they could not live without each other and they patched up very soon. Apart from the  “they could live without each other” factor, another factor that matters here is “communication”. They communicated their problems with each other and worked on it. Expressing anger, irritation, frustration etc.  in front of your partner will not make you a bad person. However, it will make your relationship stronger.

5. Accept your Flaws:

Nobody is born perfect. Neither Anushka and Virat. Virat and Anushka help each other to improve further. Do you remember the Breakfast with Champions interview in which Virat answered “hume to akal thi ahi” and called Anushka his “Lady Luck”? We could see the love for Anushka in his eyes. Also, he accepted the importance of Anushka for being in his life.
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