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10 Things That Only a Justin Bieber Fan Will Relate to…

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Justin Drew Bieber, popularly known as Justin Bieber, is a global singer and has sung many songs. This heart-throb has won many hearts and many international accolades such as Brit, MTV Europe Music Award etc. etc. etc…This sensational star became famous after posting his singing videos on youtube and since then he is making remarks in the singing industry. Of course, there are haters who always demean him and comment on his personality, songs and what not. Ugh! This world full of demotivators and funny people right? But, don’t worry, we, the JB fans will glorify his achievements and will remain “THE JB Fan” forever and ever.

Here, we have posited the 10 points that only a JB fan will understand.

1. “Are you seriously a JB Fan? Are you kidding me?” You have been asked such questions so many times. And, you know that you will be questioned till your death. (I understand, sometimes we want to kill that person who asks such questions)

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2. You have a dream of attending his concerts once in your life. If you already have attended his concerts then, Man! You are damn lucky.

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3. Many times, you have made fantasies of meeting him and having a cup of coffee with him. Oh My God! Selena Gomez is so blessed.

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4. You have not left any social media platform behind. You are following him on Instagram, twitter, youtube, and Facebook. You look at his every single update. You want to know whether he is eating a burger or working out or maybe taking shower. You are so interested in his personal life as well as professional life.

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5. Perhaps you felt bad (if you are a girl) when you got to know that “Jelena” is back together but deep in your heart, you felt so happy for them. After all, they were and are the cutest couple of all times.

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6. You have stored several pictures of him on your mobile phone. And, you won’t mind making him your wallpaper after all he is your long lasting love.

7. You have heard almost every single song of him. From Baby to Despacito, you have always appreciated his voice and singing skills. (His transformation is superb…don’t you think so?)

8. On every 1st March, you ask your friends an important question with so much excitement in your eyes…” Do you know whose birthday today?” After all, every year he becomes one year older and hotter.

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9. You especially type “Justin Bieber Interview” on youtube and go back to the point where he smiled. Eeeeee…his smile is so adorable. We go backward-forward, forward-backward, just to see that smile.

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10. The last but not the least, his black mole on his right cheek is so charming.

Curiouskeeda - Justin Bieber - Mole

He was love. He is love and will remain a love forever.

And, keep beliebin!


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