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An Insight to the Gem Stone Diary by Chindi Lane!

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The New Year is just three months ahead of us, which makes us say it is just around the corner – and for stationery lovers across the globe, that means the diary-shopping season is en-route. This year, class up your months and plan your social life and work right with our favorite pick of the best premium diary. 

Let’s be honest, we all saw the #NewYearNewYou pledge in 2019. It was all over our social media feeds which genuinely gave us some motivation to bring out the newer version of ourselves and made us make a resolution to finally getting organized. If it did apply to you, then a brand new diary for 2020 is the place to start.

January is often considered a miserable month, with freezing cold temperature and renewal bills to pay, but a beautiful looking, new diary is a joy to populate with exciting plans for the year ahead. 

Despite living in the digital age, hard copies of diaries are still going strong. Forget Google Calendar and Outlook – many of us would not dream of ditching our paper diaries for their online counterparts, isn’t it? There’s just something much more satisfying about putting a pen to paper and having a physical copy to help keep on top of your plans, meetings, interviews, deadlines and anything else that needs remembering ie: the new season of Game of Thrones or curating a new Netflix binge-watching list. 

But now the question arises, which diary to choose? 

From stylish, pocket-sized notebooks in jewel-like colors, to planners filled with inspiring covers, there are tons of diaries available to help you through the Year of the Pig.

The most stylish way to get organized in 2020 is with a diary, but not just any old diary; one of the best artistic diaries from  Chindi Lane.

To suit every lifestyle, here is our personal pick, a Gen Stone Diary for you from Chindi Lane’s collection.

The diary is to die for; the sleek leather hardback diary is pleasing to the eye. The look and feel of this diary is very royal. It looks as if it has come from a magical era. The gemstone placed rightly in between brings out the magical feel in it.

We can’t promise that this gemstone magical looking diary is magically going to make you keep all of your resolutions, hit the gym five times a week and kick-off that expensive tasting coffee habit, but it is a stylish place to start. 

  • The white plain pages it has gives you the freedom to design your day at your own wish. 
  • You do not have any restrictions on lines and sections being made. 
  • The quality of the paper is at the optimal, leaving no impressions on the back of the page when you write or doodle something. 
  • The white plain pages allow you to be creative enough. 
  • You can either use a ruler and create your own charts and tables or use it just to doodle some thoughts or images! 
  • The diary has the luxe-est covers and best paper quality, that’ll be a real joy to use day in day out – you deserve it. 
  • The binding of the diary is also done really nicely which leaves no scope of it getting loose and you loosing pages. 
  • The cute little lock it has to keep your scribbling secure is of the best quality. There is no scope of it getting tarnished

Along with this Gem Stone diary, they also have a wide range of other diaries and stationeries. 

If you have a heart for wanderlust, you can choose from their wide theme of travel diaries.

Travel Diary Uses
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If you are a fan of leather and everything royal and classy, then they have a collection to suit your needs.

Chindi Lane has unique handmade diaries just for you. From Artsy Diaries to Notebooks, they have all that you need! To name a few they have: 

  • Leather Diaries
  • Vintage Diaries
  • Printed Diaries
  • Travel Diaries
  • Artsy Diaries

They offer an amazing collection of assorted Handmade Diaries, Printed Notebooks, Journals and many more stationery items that are hard to find in the market. Serving the highest quality products, they feel proud and confident that when you buy from them, you will come to explore the site again.

Their name might be Chindi (Cheap) but their quality is of the highest standard!

Along with having amazing collection and quality, they believe in the old saying of, the customer is God. For them, customers are kept as our highest priority while deciding the prices of the products. That’s why you will often see amazing offers at regular intervals!

Spruce up your stationery collection by bringing home some amazing diaries from Chindi Lane. We have got our favorite, when will you buy yours? 

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