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5 Ways To Deal With A Difficult Client

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Difficult clients are those who drain your energy, deprecate everything and are very lazy to pay. However, at the same time, these clients are a part of your business’ growth. Many times they are not satisfied with the services that you provide or the kind of ideas that you generate for them. They are odd in many aspects. This category does exist in every sphere of business but sometimes you know that it’s better to retain these clients (if you can). 

Coming up with practical solutions when you face a difficult client in your business is of paramount importance. So how to keep your sanity constant in dealing with such clients? Read on to discover! 

Symptoms of a Difficult Client:

Difficult clients are of many different types. According to a few research, apart from making an impact on cost-inflows of the company, the clients directly hinder the staff turnover, health and satisfaction/happiness with their attitude. 

So, how to identify a difficult client? 


Emergency on emergency

Every work that your client gives to you seems to be an emergency for them. Everything you make is delayed by a day or a week. 


The screamy one

Whatever you do, you will hear those yelling from the other side of your phone. 


Bitches every single time

The client’s whole department knows what you did wrong but nobody knows how much effort did you put into that. 


Hello! I know better than you

Your knowledge is nothing in-front of difficult client’s wisdom. So, my dear, you are everything wrong. 


The Gajni or Short Term Memory Loss

The task that you completed a week ago has to be completed by today EOD. Lol! 

CuriousKeeda has found some amazing 5 ways for you to deal with such clients! Here you go. 

1. The FroMLE Technique

FroMLE Technique
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When things don’t get better between you and your client, use this technique. This might just work. 

FroMLE is an abbreviation of ‘From My Limited Experience’. This trick not only has a tendency to change the perception of your client but it also offers ways to the client to be calm when he is highly pissed. This helps soften the blow and also shifts all the potential rants away.

It’s business and you need to strategize your every conversation with your client. 

2. The Facts Technique

facts for a tough Clients
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There will be times when these difficult clients would love to unload on you. For that time, get ready and start including facts in your daily conversation. Request them to record their telephonic calls, do not delete their messages,  so that you can have all the facts and data ready before they attempt to make things worse. 

Allegations such as ‘nothing is working’ or ‘it’s too late’ can be undone with facts 

3. The Never Agree Technique

agree for a tough Clients
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Always remember the difference between agreeing and acknowledging.

  There will be times when your client will give you pathetic ideas. It’s you who has to decide whether to provide the quality work or to just be a part of the crowd.  Trust me your client does not know it all. It’s you who knows more than most of the people. Your ideas make you different that’s why your client has approached you or has approved to be working with you.

4. The Time-To-Time Feedback Technique

waiting for a feedback for a tough Clients
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No matter how strenuous your client is, just follow the feedback technique rigorously. Sometimes, you will be able to unearth some amazing elements through these small and crisp conversations.

Use virtual software to start with it. Jot down the client’s complaints and if the clients start rehashing those problems that have been settled during the conversation, don’t hesitate to remind that you have already solved it and move on with some other significant points. 

5. The Under Promise Technique 

Motto for a tough Clients
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Understand Psychology! Always give the room to yourself to provide exceptional services. Saying yes to every deadline won’t work. Figure out the ways to identify which task needs to be prioritized and which has enough space to be delayed.

Impress them by under-promising and over-delivering every single time  (when possible, there will be times when you don’t have enough time for their uninvited work)  

Have you ever dealt with a difficult client? Let us know in the
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