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Pro Tips One Should Keep In Mind While Buying Diwali Gifts

Diwali Gift Ideas
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Diwali, the festival of joy, is celebrated with varieties of illumination and that includes illuminating the souls of people that matter with love and joy by gifting them beautiful tokens of affection. People always welcome gifts since it elevates their happiness. One should always infuse their creativity skills while choosing Diwali gifts. Diwali Gifts are a mirage of warm feelings. They must be a blend of functional and fancy.

But with time, gifting has now become colossal. It is a great way to show that you genuinely appreciate the person’s relationship and efforts. Diwali gifting is to corroborate relationships and better connections. 

We all have a long list of people that need to be gifted this Diwali. Gifts must be given to every stratum of the relationship hierarchy. 

(We at curiouskeeda have made the task of Diwali gifting easier by picking these hand-picked and hand-crafted gift hampers for your peers.)

Such times are always a busy time across all Indian households. During these festivities, not only we all go out buying stuff for the house but also end up spending way too much time, effort and too much money on just buying gifts for others. With truckloads of discounts and offers available both online and offline, the festival spender is spoilt silly for choice

Now by going for discounts and sales, we end up making big mistakes, at the same time, personal finance experts ask us to make a budget and stick to it. I mean what? How do we try and make sure that we get the right gift for the right person and not make a hole in our pocket? We know how difficult a task that is. While gift shopping, many questions like ‘What if I choose a gift that fails to create a lasting impression on the receiver?’ or ‘What mistakes do I need to avoid when making the choice?’ pop up our mind.

The questions are unending, making you feel stressed out as the festival inches closer. You do not want to offend anyone or make them feel unappreciated or undervalued. 

Follow these nifty tips so that you don’t overshoot your budget and your gifts are still well-received.

  • Plan and prepare a budget 
Set A Budget
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Preparing and keeping a budget in mind is really important as it helps you narrow down your wide choices. Before you start spending on Diwali shopping it is advisable to keep in mind and make a plan of how much you want to spend. When you go gift shopping, there are hundreds of options to choose from which often ends up making one confused. (We have curated a list of 5 amazing Diwali hampers for you) But when you have a budget set, it gives you a starting point. The budget can also give a room for your supplier to show you the gifts accordingly. 

  • Do not get carried away by discounts
Diwali Shooping Tips
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While seeing boards saying discounts and so on, we make a purchase in a hurry believing it was a bargain, but honestly, a little math will go a long way. Say, for example, there is some offer which has a double discount on it, maybe say, 30% + 20% which makes up a total of 50%. There is another shop which on the same product offers a 45% discount. By all the possible means you will go for the 30% + 20% offer, right? But did you know you get a higher discount amount in the shop with the 45% discount. I am not kidding. If the product is of Rs 1,000 and if we apply 45% discount, you will have to pay Rs 550. Where in the 1st shop that offers 30% + 20% you will have to pay more. Here is the math: 30% on Rs 1,000 is Rs 300, so that is Rs 700. And you get 20% on Rs 700, which is a discount of Rs 140. In total you get a discount of Rs 440, which means you pay Rs 560 for a Rs 1,000 item. 

  • Sweets vs chocolates and dry fruits
Diwali Shooping Tips
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This Diwali, try not to gift mithai (sweets) to your loved ones as its shelf-life is short. Instead of sweets, you can go for dry fruits, branded chocolates or hand-curated and useful gift hampers. These things are sure to stay longer and will last longer leaving a great impression on the receiver’s mind. 

  • Buying gifts without caring about quality
Diwali Shooping Tips
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Quality is everything, remember that, always remember. Even if it is something that you are gifting to someone, keep it mind to buy the best of quality. (Buy these amazing gift hamper this Diwali for your friends and family). There are some gifts quite capable of bringing “Oh My God! No, not this!” because they look tacky. Your Diwali gift must have a superlative quality and should conjure your vision. Ask yourself if you would have loved receiving that gift and then place an order.

  • Give Customizable Gifts 
Diwali Shooping Tips
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Consider giving customizable Diwali gifts. People now don’t like the god old sweets and chocolate hampers. With time, now there are a lot of options for customized Diwali gifts. Customized Diwali gifts always create more of an impression and are more memorable for the receiver. Plan your customizable Diwali gift today, try these gifting options for reference

Now you definitely know what you shouldn’t be doing. Selecting the right gifts for your friends and family will be a little easier and would not require a lot of brainstorming and the fear of not getting it right. 

Happy Shopping!

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