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20 Online Shopping Fails That Will Surely Crack You Up!!

Online Shopping Fails
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In this fast-paced world, we all hate going to the mall, spending loads of time and then buying something. When it comes to this, we all prefer online shopping the best inventions ever. It is just like having zillions of options just a click away. 

All of this sounds great, but there are millions of proofs that this perfect story can end up as an online shopping fail. Have you thought of receiving a prom dress that you just can’t wear to prom just because it looks more of a Halloween costume?   

We here at Curiouskeeda have compiled a list of funny online shopping fails, such as a chair so tiny that it can only be meant to be used for ants, a face sheet mask that cannot even cover your forehead. All of these items force us to say, the mall is the best option. 

Ummmm, such a massive manufacturing defect?? The face masks a little too small, isn’t it?

Face-Pack funny Shopping Fail
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It is advised to always look for the product dimensions before ordering. Don’t just fall for the looks. See what you are getting!

Online Bought Rug


Xbox funny Shopping Fail

Let’s have a leg pool party.

Pool Shopping Fail

Since when did Adidas start manufacturing these? I want a comfy pair too… Umm maybe no! 

Shoes Shopping Fail

Though I wished to read the book, but looking at the shades of GREY would work fine too

Books Shopping Fail

Does anyone want to get their pet ants weighed? 

Scale Shopping Fail

It planned on making my baby sleep on the dinosaur pillow, looks like i’ve got a baby free.  

Pillow Case Shopping Fail

I honestly thought if I’d pour some warm water to the cup, the cup would turn blue but it looks like nothing of that sort is happening. 

Mug Shopping Fail

I am pretty sure the girl ordered the wrong size 

Jeans Shopping Fail

Always make sure to see where the message to the seller option is! 

Message Shopping Fail

Not fascinated enough to grab my own boobs all the time, please place the pockets correctly. 

Jumper Shopping Fail

Ordered a rug to act as a separator between my living room and kitchen room, Ummm… I can use it as a separator between my pages. Works fine. 

Rug Online Shopping Fail

I so wanted my cat to be a bikini bitch! Finally, my wish came true. 

Online Shopping Fail

Ummm, no comments, please

one-piece Online Shopping Fail

Wrapping some bandage would have worked well for a Halloween costume! 

Dress Online Shopping Fail

My doll can now every comfortably sit on the chair, though I ordered this for myself. 

Chair Online Shopping Fail

Umm, looking at the product size and the description really matters. This cannot be even used as a coin purse. 

Bag Online Shopping Fail

Definition of perfect gym vest does not exist

Tank Top Online Shopping Fail

They took a side table quite literally, now I can keep the table by my side forever! 

Bed Side Table Online Shopping Fail

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