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12 Things That Indian Ads Have Taught Us!

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When it comes to Indian ads, it makes us realize how stupid we Indians are. We get fooled and tempted after watching ads that shown us a fair deal of nonsense ideas. We have been fooled for quite some time now. If you don’t get what we mean to say, read on to take a close look at the advertisements we are all subjected to watch in our everyday lives and never took time to think and analyze what they actually mean. 

Here’s an insight that reveals 12 things that Indian ads
have really taught us: 


All possible dental brands available under the sun are No. 1
and are strongly recommended by all dentists in our country.

toothpaste fake ads
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Basically, just ‘brush’ aside any doubts about toothpaste. They will all make your teeth shine like halogen lights, they are all number 1. This is the case in which everyone in the class comes first.


Every possible girl is interested in a guy’s deodorant than anything else and she is sure to go crazy over the smell.

wild stone ad
Source: www.ritzystar.com

Deos are more effective than Tinder and anything else apparently.


Degree and skills does not matter at all when you have to go for a job interview, you just have to be fair.

fair and lovely fake ad
Source: www.emamiltd.in

If you are fair looking, it is only then you will get a job. Your skills and educational qualifications do not matter. And mind you, you aren’t the “REAL MEN” if you aren’t using this. 


All possible hand washes fail to kill 100% germs, 0.1% still
has to be destroyed using something else.

handwash fake ad
Source: www.qoo10.sg

All the hand washes kill only 99.9% germs. Should I use it twice to kill the 0.1% remaining? 


Chocolate cannot be eaten neat and tidily, EVER!

chocolate fake ads
Source: aritraganguly.wordpress.com

While having a bar of chocolate it is compulsory to slather it all over your face first, then only it will get digested properly.


In life, mothers and daughters only talk about their hair products

patanjali hair problme ad
Source: www.zeebiz.com

Forget what is up in your life, how are you keeping or what bad happened, first tell me your hair oil brand and I will tell you the brand to use to keep your hair healthy and strong.


Paan masala is the only thing that will bring you close to success you need in the world

rajnigandha fake ad
Source: www.quora.com

Forget hard work, dedication, and perseverance, all you need to have to conquer the world is paan masala. We wonder which brand is Ambani’s favorite.


To have a thought process and a vision in life all

you need is a sip of tea

Source: www.youtube.com

Forget all the advice and research you need to do in life to become something, have a sip of tea and you will understand the way to fulfill your passion and desires.


So, to tell you that your toilet isn’t clean, a TV crew will burst into your house and point their camera at your commode.

Source: www.youtube.com

You yourself cannot see the dirt and germs on the toilet seat, you need a TV crew to burst open your toilet to make you understand that your toilet is not clean and is full of germs.


Sanitary pads are the key to confidence

fake sanitary ads
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Sorry, guys, you cannot be confident enough just because you cannot wear a sanitary napkin. It is the only thing in the world that gives you the confidence to fight all odds. 


Even if it’s -10 degrees outside wearing an inner would do

thermal fake ads
Source: lacenlingerie.com

Forget layering clothes, thigh-high boots, gloves and caps, all you need is an inner to have that Sardi mein garmi ka ehsaas.


Having a carbonated drink brings out the real hero in you!

thumps fake ad
Source: www.slideshare.net

To climb mountains, race cars and jump off a building, all you need is a carbonated drink. It will bring out the real daredevil in you, letting you Taste the thunder!

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