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10 Things That You Should Never Say To Your Boss

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Office is a place that makes you meet and have a discussion with a lot of people. It is all about teamwork. While you work with certain people for a long course of time, you tend to develop a bond and become a little causal. A workplace offers a lot of ways to put your foot in your mouth, which means you need to be on your toes when chatting with the boss.

Could you use some help to divert these challenging waters?  From gaining the trust of co-workers to negotiating a raise to networking with colleagues, we here will help you steer clear of potential hazards that are at some point sure to come your way. And did we mention you get all these amazing lessons for free? You can’t afford to pass this up.

Keep in mind to never say these 12 things to your boss!! I repeat never!

“I am so hungover right now”

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You can surely go for a few drinks on a weekday, but it’s entirely another universe to tell your boss about it. If the higher personal of your workplace comes to know that you’re reeling from a night of partying, they are sure to assume that you’re not completing your job to your true potential. So just do yourself a favor, and hide your hangover with coffee, and a presentable outfit. Or, just try 10 best ways to cure a hangover.

“Your job isn’t even that hard.”

Boss's job is easy
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You can keep this in your head but should, I repeat should never voice it out loud! Don’t ever say that your boss sits around doing nothing all day. Even if you think that you are the one who is doing both your and your boss’s work while he/she swims away all the credit, it’s not your place to say that to the person who signs your cheques. Don’t make him sign the last cheque. 

“I am so bored right now.”

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It is absolutely the last thing your manager wants to hear from the one he is paying to be there and be just bored. If you are bored, the probable reasons can, you don’t have something to do at work. It this is the case, you should either ask for something to do, or just sit quietly and wait for another assignment to pop in. What you shouldn’t do is tell your boss that you’re sitting idly on the company’s dime.

“That’s not my job.”

that's not my job

There will be times when your boss will assign you things that aren’t necessarily in your job description, and that’s just the way it is. You can either roll with the punches and do as your boss tells you to, or you can complain about your assignments and risk losing your job.

“My salary is way too low.”

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If you feel that you deserve a hike at work, it is advisable to put together a few compelling arguments highlighting your accomplishments and all the extra work you’ve taken on for which you deserve some hike. Walking up to your boss’s desk and just complaining about your current salary and right away demand a 50% raise is what you should avoid. 

“I can’t stand working with Xyz.”

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“I can’t work with him/her” is one of the most common complaints managers get to hear. You cannot like everyone at work, but badmouthing a colleague can paint your image wrong. Bosses just don’t like to have to deal with petty arguments between co-workers. If you have an issue with a colleague, try to resolve it with the person directly.

“But we’ve always done it this way.”

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No one wants to work with someone that does not accept changes. Companies want employees that can adapt and find new ways of doing things more effectively. When your boss asks you to do something in a certain way that you don’t use, don’t get defensive— just respond positively and tell him what you mean.

“That’s above my pay grade.”

not my pay grade
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If your manager asks you to do something that you think is way outside the scope of the work you signed for, you should express your concern. The key is to use a neutral tone and express your concern. 

“I have too much on my plate.”

Too Much Work
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Many people believe that declining a new project or assignment can be perceived as being lazy or underperforming, but you don’t want to become so overwhelmed that the quality of your work suffers. Speak up your feeling to your boss. 

“Mind if I dip out early today for an interview?”

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It’s completely acceptable to start looking for other jobs at a certain point in your career. What’s not acceptable, is to directly tell your boss that you’re skipping out on your current job in order to interview for a potential new one. 

A lot of passionate discussions are to be expected in the workplace, but they should really be focused on work-related issues. At the end of the day, you’re at work to do work, and arguments about whose candidate was better can be distracting to everyone in the office. 

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