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10 Things You Should Never Do In Order To Climb That Corporate Ladder

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We all are adults and working. When you are at your office, whether it’s the tedious task of being glued in a warehouse or a desk job that requires you to be glued to the screen all day long, there are some rules that go hand in hand bringing you the title of a gainfully employed sensible adult. 

Your CEO has all the rights to come wearing ripped jeans and your manager may also take your team out for a few drinks every now and then, but this doesn’t mean all sense of propriety flies out the window when you return to work.

There are a few companies that have minimized the sense of hierarchy between employees and managers and often struggle to make sense of how to negotiate office dynamics. 

A structure in the office should be maintained which defines and demonstrates the roles and power variations. 

This should be made clear, whether you may be sitting next to your CEO whom you spend hours per day sharing ideas and sometimes personal problems and gossiping about other employees which might have created an illusion of openness that should not exist.

If you wish to climb the corporate ladder someday, it pays to have
these 10 things you should never do at work.

1| Have an overdramatic phone fights

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We all have to face relationship dramas every now and then and these dramas don’t always begin and end after office hours are over. That said, make sure your volume is low, you are away from other employees or could avoid the phone call during office hours. Not only will hearing your personal issues make everyone around you uncomfortable, but it also means that you’re wasting valuable company time and money with your non-stop drama. Don’t be surprised if you’re not employed for long post your drama is over. 

2| Don’t Yell At Someone

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Working with a team can be frustrating. Every human has a different perspective and an entirely different thought process, it may make you want to rip your hair out from time to time. However, no matter how hot it gets under your collar, you just cannot yell at your colleagues. If you feel like you’re on the verge, excuse yourself until you can regain your calm.

3| Grab some extra office supplies

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It is common to realize once you are home that you’ve got a pen or a pad of sticky notes from the office in your bag. However, if you’re intentionally skimming supplies from your workplace, your boss probably won’t look kindly upon your sticky fingers. All those supplies are costing somebody serious money! 

4| Reveal overly personal details about your life

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Over time colleagues do tend to become close buddies and details about your personal life are bound to come up into the picture sometime or the other. However, this doesn’t mean that you can have ears for all your personal issues.

5| Get political

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No matter which side of the political aisle you find yourself on, bringing up politics in a workplace setting is a recipe for disaster. You can surely not like each person at work, but this does not mean you start to bicth about them. 

6| Refuse to do your job

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While taking your boss’s 5-year-old daughter for a hair cut probably isn’t on your job description, but you shouldn’t simply refuse to do certain things just because they weren’t listed in the job description. As you grow in your career, your list of responsibilities will inevitably grow, too. Make this clear. 

7| Talk religion

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Is it okay to talk about the religious festival you are celebrating but you cannot force them to do the same? While it’s fine to mention that you are religious in the workplace or explain some of your traditions to a colleague, proselytizing is always inappropriate in a professional setting.

8| Groom at your desk

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This one sentence should be deeply ingrained in your head, “office is not your grooming station, it is a work station.” It is okay to put on some lipstick in the bathroom before you head out for the day, brushing your hair, or putting on makeup at your desk is just not acceptable.

9| Work on a side job

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You may have a dozen side tasks along with your 9-to-5, but that doesn’t mean you should be working on them when you’re at your office. If you are working on some sort of freelance project, you are cutting into the time you should be focusing on your “real” job. Justify the salary you are getting!

10| Talk about another person’s race

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It’s not just obviously racist comments that are inappropriate at work: discussing another person’s race or asking them intrusive questions about their ethnic background is nearly as bad.

Like it or not, there are certain rules to be followed at work! Put them straight in your office to-do list to reach the position you have always wanted to. 

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