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10 Things You Should Never Say During A Salary Negotiation Process

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The art and expertise of negotiation is a pivotal aptitude that everyone should develop, regardless of whether you’re accepting a new position or just trying to procure a raise at your present gig.

You’re 96% certain that you are prepared to plan a meeting with your supervisor to request a raise. Or perhaps you’re nearing the finish of the job interview procedure and an offer is in sight. In any case, if you are somebody who unquestionably puts his foot in the mouth a time or two saying an inappropriate thing at the very least minute. Doh! Try not to mess up this time. 

Regardless of how frequently you rehearse what to say, there’s always that risk of fumbling at the five-yard line. Rather than
freezing, get prepared. 

Salary negotiation is a collaboration, and a key element of effective collaboration is a good communication. It’s critical to be clear with what you communicate to avoid vagueness, which could entangle things and moderate the negotiation procedure.

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The conflict underlying salary negotiation is very simple. You want to make as much money as possible and your association wants to pay you as meager as it takes to keep you around. What follows is frequently a complicated, upsetting, and nuanced competing session.

It’s essential to truly carry your A-game to any salary negotiation you participate in. That implies getting your work done and embracing a wonderful but confident attitude. 

Life lessons time! 

As you grow up, you become familiar with a couple of the most difficult ways possible. 

Making sense of how to negotiate a salary is a life lesson that is not frequently instructed in school or at work. While there are a few strategies you can utilize, from using silence to “securing,” here are a couple of phrases and words you should never use when negotiating salary. 


Saying “I accept”  to the first offer.

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This is a negotiation, it is advisable to be careful not to end it before it has even had a chance to start. At least have a round of conversation and put in your point of view. 


Never say “I’m currently making…”

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The most common question that an employer will ask you is, “So where are you right now in terms of salary, and what are you looking for if you make this move?” 

Never fall for it, I repeated, never! 

It is said to be a tricky because it usually comes up early in the interview process, and most candidates don’t think of it as part of a salary negotiation. Answering this question by disclosing your current numbers can make it very difficult to negotiate just because it can box the candidate in. Once the interviewer has disclose the current salary, the offers they are most likely to give you is sure to be tied to those numbers. 


“I want to move into a better place/pay for my wedding.”

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Being a recent college pass out, you tend to see the new job as your ticket to being into a new and big city and basically being able to move out from your parent’s place. In other case, a promotion is required by you so that you can pay for a bigger place, buy a BMW, or live a luxurious life. It is all acceptable, but it is not the company’s responsibility to make you happy. When in the process of learning salary negotiation, you need to keep in mind that the reason you deserve a salary hike and it is not about you. It’s about them. You should get a hike in your salary because they need you and you are one of the most amazing resources they have! You are so good at your job that no one else can ever replace you.  THAT is the only reason why the company is paying you that much and not because you want to upgrade your standards of living.  


Never say, “That’s all you’re offering me?”

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Never say this, or anything else that you think will offend the employer. Even if you think that the salary the organization is offering is laughable, keep it to yourself and reply in a subtle manner. Successful people are able to say their point without coming across as rude.


Never say, “Bottom line being, this is my final offer”

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Such a phrases sound like threats, and they are sure to close out the negotiation process right the moment they come out of your mouth. If you say any such things, and the demand is not met by the employer, the negotiation will be over and you’ll have to be prepared to walk away.


Never say “Sorry”

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It is understood that the process of negotiating is an uncomfortable one, and our natural tendency is to try to smooth the edges on a difficult conversation. Saying sorry could send a message of the hiring manager that you might be willing to back down, and that could be expensive. Do not apologize for negotiating, it is your right! 


Never say, “I heard you offered ____ $X, and I’m a better worker”

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Never use gossip in a salary negotiation — and definitely don’t compare yourself to others. It’s mean and unprofessional that only unsuccessful people use.


Never say, “The least I’d be willing to accept is X”

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This is a big mistake. If you tell them the lowest you are willing to take, that could be what you’ll get. Your interviewer is into this business for long and he knows how to get you down there. 


Never say “That sounds fair”

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It’s either fair or it isn’t. Successful people go into negotiations armed with a strong knowledge of competitive salaries in their field, occupation, and workplace. Something that “sounds fair” may turn out to be unfair after all, if you don’t do your research ahead of time.


“If I don’t get the increase, I’ll quit”

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It’s totally reasonable — smart, even — to look around for other opportunities if you feel you’re not being adequately compensated. What’s not fine is to make threatening statements like this during a pay negotiation. They’ll just backfire on you and make you come across as rather unsuccessful.

Sometimes in life, learning what not to say is important as what to say. So review these tips, be polite, and by all means.

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