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Try These Ayurveda Inspired Morning Habits To Have A Happy, Energy Filled Day

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Do you recall the days when you watched your grandparents and parents wake up in peace and make the most of their morning walk or their paper, sipping on a hot cup of tea at their own pace? It is a serious differentiation to the clamorous lifestyle we all lead today, isn’t it? We are constantly moving on the grounds just because everybody needs to reach someplace or the other on time. 

From the minute you wake up till the time you head to sleep, we all are always chasing deadlines; reaching work in time, completing assignments, racing to get the metro home and afterward trying to keep our social life updates. 

Not only does such a boisterous timetable leave you with almost no time with yourself, but it also upsets your whole day, as morning is the point at which one establishes the pace for the rest of the day.

To have a scheduled life, try these Ayurvedic-inspired morning rituals that are sure to give you a blissful way to look forward to waking up early and starting your day.

Try waking up early

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Ayurveda recommends everyone to wake up is the Brahma Muhurtham, which means two hours before the sunrise. The reason for waking early is to have an ideal gap in your routine, which means time for yourself to properly clean and nourish your body before you get started with your day. You do not have to reach the target in a jiffy, gradually practicing to waking up early will become your habit soon.

Splash your face with water as soon as you wake up

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The first thing that one should do after waking up in the morning is to splash water on one’s face. Splashing room temperature water on the eyes is considered a very effective and helpful exercise for the eyes. Use water which is at room temperature, not cold or hot. 

Oil your body daily

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One should always try Abhyanga, which involves massaging yourself with warm oil. No moisturizer or body butter can take the place of oiling, emphasizes Ayurveda. In the fast paced world, no one has the time to oil their entire body, so one can start with five important body parts namely the naval, sole of the feet, head, ears, hands, and elbows. This oiling procedure should be ideally done before taking a bath. 

Exercise a little 

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Ayurveda strongly recommends starting ones day with light exercise by maybe performing some asanas. These asanas help in increasing the blood flow in the body and helps increase flexibility. If you are not into performing asanas, you can choose to walk. 

Feeling a little scared as to how you will start them all? No one is asking you to incorporate all the steps in one go, you are advised to go slow and take it easy by following one step at a time. By doing so you will soon find out that, you are in no time full of energy and are always looking forward to your mornings by making them happy and just not dreading them.

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