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Dry Skin During Summer? Here are Top 5 Ayurvedic Ways to Cure It!


Despite this scorching heat and muggy humidity are you the one who is struggling with dry and rough skin?

It is indeed a struggle and constant irritation to keep your skin moisturized every now and then and getting your clothes all sweaty amidst this heat. Nevertheless, there is always an alternative to beat the heat and keep your skin hydrated at the same time. It is obvious that drinking lots of water will keep our skin hydrated; this is a healthy and prolonged way to get rid of dry skin.

However, this might take quite some time, so here are top 5 remedies to get rid of dry skin this summer.

Repeat doing it for a month, thrice a week if you are lost in a busy schedule; at least maintain an hour before bed every day for self-care. Along with these ayurvedic ways, here are some ayurvedic herbs that one should include in their daily life.

Skin smoothing therapy

Sugar and honey scrub for moisturized skin

Take a clean bowl and add two spoons of honey, a spoonful of brown sugar and gently scrub your face in a clockwise motion. Make sure that you don’t hastily scrub your face or it might cause redness or rashes on your skin. While doing so use your fingertips to effectively distribute through the pores. Take a warm cloth or a tissue and then wipe your face. Honey brings a glow in your skin and is a natural moisturizer.

Oil balance and skin glowing therapy

Turmeric and curd scrub for moisturized skin

You can use curd as it helps in maintaining the oil balance in your skin and is also a natural, easily accessible homemade moisturizer. Take a spoonful of curd and add some turmeric, gently massage on your face, leave it for 15 mins. Turmeric will help in de-tan along with yoghurt keeping your skin hydrated.

Prevent dry skin is by applying Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera and milk for healthy skin

One can use the Aloe Vera gel available in the market but for better results, it is suggested to use raw aloe vera dilute it with some milk and apply it evenly on your face and leave it for a while. It is advised to not expose raw aloe vera directly on your skin as it might cause itchiness

Oatmeal the best for dryness in skin


Oatmeal acts as a natural scrubber and secretes oil which indeed helps in doing away with extreme dryness. One can take oatmeal bath mixed with appropriate quantities of milk and honey, make sure that you don’t use soap after applying this mixture or else it will nullify the solution.

Almonds for dry skin

almonds for glowing and healthy skin in summer

Last but not the least, is another effective way to get rid of dry skin, is having almond, almonds not only help in keeping an underlying balance of the body system but the oil which it contains helps in reducing dry and dead skin cells.

Now that you know all these ayurvedic tips and tricks you should alongside keep in mind that they can only be effective if we have a balanced diet and keep our body hydrated. Nowadays since most of the urban population is working class and they ought to suffer from skin problems, itchiness due to dry skin it becomes integral to take care of oneself for healthy skin. This comes with regular moisturising and drinking lots of water. Not to forget that coconut oil to is an ayurvedic remedy for dry skin however clarifying well to the doubt that it is not sticky. For better use, one can massage the body with coconut oil and rinse it with water.

If one wakes up in the morning and drinks lukewarm water mixed with drops of honey and lemon also becomes very helpful.

Dermatitis is the medical term used for dry skin it might be due to exposure to extreme weather conditions, hot water and certain chemicals which makes one prone to it. It might cause fissures in one’s skin and patches too. There are other external causes such as using dry and harsh soaps, frequent changing of skin products, long and hot showers including other medical conditions like diabetes. Other techniques like taking shower in warm water rather than extremely hot water, using enough cleanser to rinse off the dirt and limiting shower time to not more than 15 minutes.

Also one should avoid repetitively washing your face with lather and rather use ayurvedic remedies for better results, of course, it would not assure changes within a day but regular care would help to get rid of dry skin and it is better to not use cosmetics available in the market because those are chemically induced unlike the ayurvedic homemade remedies which are cost-effective and easily available.

Happy Ayurveda!

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