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The relevance of Ayurveda in Today’s World… Does it have any meaning now?

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Ayurveda basically comprises words like ‘Ayur’  which stands for life, and ‘Veda’ which is the Sanskrit term for sciences. In today’s hustle, we are somewhere lost in understanding the concept of Ayurveda which attributes to our daily life. Ayurveda not only stems to the roots of our ancestors but also narrates to us regarding our rich historical precedence indeed a shame that we have forgotten its concept, in aping the west. But there is still a way to go before we give up on our efforts to a better life. In the busy unkempt schedule of daily life, people are looking out for an escape despite the materialistic quotient they already have.

Considering the fact that it is not feasible to dodge the unwanted schedule we are a part of, it becomes important for us to juggle our life conveniently. We are here not only to maintain a healthy lifestyle but to rediscover ourselves in the realm of what the human body comprises, as well defined in Ayurveda. We as individuals have different approaches to life but at the end of the day, we are all defined by the same odds of existence. 

There are different ayurvedic centers established in parts of India and elsewhere in the neighboring countries where people go for vacationing to understand their inner selves and continue with a healthier lifestyle when they are back in their urban dwellings. On the contrary, there is much awareness of Ayurveda in the rural lifestyle wherein people adopt various practices which have been followed since the times of sages.

Our body mainly is categorized into  elements known as -Kapha, Pitta, Vata

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The human body requires a maximum of 7-8 hours of sleep, the one who sleeps more than the required time his entire cycle of bodily functions gets disrupted by the unwillingness of actively participating in work and resuming to daily activities. Here comes in Kapha, which is associated with laziness so in order to begin the day with exuberant energy one needs to wake up on time, hydrate the body and perform some exercises or yoga which is a branch of Ayurveda for better blood circulation and to slack off laziness. It is also advised to start the day with meditation as it helps to regulate the temperament and focus better on work.

The second cycle of the day is Pitta and determines the digestive system of our body depending on our food intake and the quantity we prefer at regular time intervals. For better digestion, it is always advised to not sit or sleep after having food one should take walks for the food to be effectively digested.

Here comes Vata, which regulates the nervous system. During this time of the day which is in the evening, mental activity is encouraged more than physical distress. In here an individual’s capacity to invest in mental activities is more than an hour in the daytime. In most Indian households it is usually seen that children study during these hours.

At last, we spend time to relax with our families, have dinner, meditate for the cycle of meditation is also to relax. However one should take walks after dinner and there should be a gap of 2 hours before going to bed and after having dinner.

healing of ayurveda
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So here are a few ways of how we can easily lead a better lifestyle by incorporating Ayurveda in our daily lives. Not only is this convenient but time and cost-effective done doesn’t need to compromise on work to perform this activity but can be done simultaneously and in terms of cost since we have access to the internet we can look for ayurvedic diets and also perform yoga at our homes for everything is available online. 

This would ensure not only a healthy lifestyle but one which will keep us away from diseases. Further strengthening our immune system making our body resistant to common diseases but also ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Not only this but we also have ayurvedic products in the market which is comparatively lesser in cost and are sold at subsidized rates by the government. 

There are several TV channels that preach about the history of Ayurveda and perform yoga where the common folk can refer to for television is accessible in all areas. 

Ayurveda on tv
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In recent years the Government of India has funded the R&D department for the development of Ayurvedic sciences and various campaigns are held for awareness. Also, the benefits and wellness of Yoga are innumerable and has been encouraged by the WHO and is appreciated all around the world remarkably followed as THE WORLD YOGA DAY once in a year. 

As Indians not only are we entitled to such a renowned practice but we should also apply it in our day to day lives for prosperity and this will help us not to succumb easily, whether be it psychologically or physiologically

Let us follow the Ayurvedic ‘dinacharya’ which is about basic hygiene, proper intake of food and water and abiding by a time table which will help the body’s biological clock to follow a routine movement of how both external and internal forces affect our body, further regulate these forces to not our fatalities. Once we start practicing it we will feel the change evidently in ourselves and our body system will be much in order, establishing all premises for a harmonious life and a positive outlook.

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