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7 Ayurvedic Herbs You Need To Include In Your Day-To-Day Life!

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Ayurveda, an ancient science, that rose to the forefront in the last decade again! It has become the vanguard which cures several diseases. It is based on the belief that plants and herbs have cosmic intelligence and healing powers which can have a miraculous effect on the human body.

The relationship between plants and humans is not new. In fact, Ayurveda is one of the oldest but most developed herbal systems available. Vedic seers  identify all the medicinal and healing properties of herbs so that the same could be used in our daily lives to pacify the mind, body, and spirit.

“Incorporating Ayurveda herbs into your  day-today routine is not a daunting task. You might see fantastic results in a few days.”

Do not forget to try these seven herbs.

1. Ashwagandha


Do you want to remain youthful forever?Then, having this anti-aging herb can help you retain your vitality. Even those people  who get reallyexhausted after work can have Ashwagandha to rejuvenate themselves . You can just prepare a primary tonic and consume it. Studies have shown that this herb also has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and immunomodulatory properties.

2. Brahmi


Do you want something that will leave your brain and nervous system extra powerful? Then you should trust Brahmi because it helps balancing the two hemispheres of the brain and even aids in the decalcification of the pineal gland, which is knows as the ‘third eye’ of human body. Having Brahmi every day will help you in removing all kinds of harmful toxins from your nervous system. This herb will make you a  winsome personality.. And, those who have been a victim of depression should start consuming it as this herb will help you in fighting against that. Moreover, you might even start to feel more intelligent!

3. Ajwain


A lot of us love having ajwain after our meals, but do you really know what it does? Primarily, the herb is a strong digestive agent and also acts as a nerve stimulant. Apart from that, it can also help you shed some extra pounds by drawing out deep-seated toxins. If you have painful joints that need relaxation, give ajwain a try!

4. Manjistha


You feel more active once your body is free of all harmful germs. Blood purification makes you feel healthier in so many ways. Right? Manjistha is the best of Ayurveda’s blood purifying herbs. It can help you in cooling down your blood and improve the overall circulation.
Detoxification is an important process that can help prevent more serious diseases. Having this herb will  eliminate toxins from organs so that they never enter the bloodstream. Moreover, Manjistha is known to revamp the lymphatic system of your body.

5. Turmeric


Most Indian households already have turmeric in their kitchen as spice arsenal, which makes it one of the most accessible herbs on the list. Having raw turmeric purifies your blood and toxins so that different channels in your body  works better.
This herb  smoothes skin and also gives you a better complexion. The following is the turmeric face pack recipe. Do try at home if you want an acne free face.
See it is very easy to include turmeric in your daily diet and routine, and you should hence waste no opportunity in doing so.

6. Cardamom


Are you looking for a natural tranquilizer that will clear up your mind and bring you some happiness? Then you should have cardamom in plenty.

7. Triphala

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Blending amla, bibhitaki, and haritaki together, helps to detoxify the digestive tract and rejuvenate the intestines gently. This formula is one of the most popular formulae in the world of Ayurvedic medicine not because of the herbs but because of its effectiveness.

After a while, you will start feeling the benefits of enriching your day with Ayurvedic herbs, and then there will be no looking back!




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