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I am an unorthodox self-proclaimed writer who believes in the core of writing. The world I built for myself has a belief that everything happens for a reason. I am a hard-core music lover with the heart bleeding blue of the national jersey, a language-loving lunatic with the enthusiasm to learn and an introvert who has no problem living with that tag. I do believe writing is a road to self-exploration.

Same Festivals….Different Celebrations!

A developing nation with 29 states, 7 union territories, 22 major languages and over 720 dialects, this is India. A land of colors and...

KATHAK: Epitome of Grace

CSR – Is It Really A New Concept in India?

CSR in India is not an Old Concept Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a popular term in the current business scenario, refers to the long-term commitment...
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5 Ways to Reduce Arm Fat

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Gandhi Fades Away

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F for Feminism