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5 Ways to Control Your Pet’s Fussy Eating in Summers

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You meet a friend, you both have pets and the only conversation you both share is, “My dog is getting really fussy with his meals now, are you facing the same??”

You are not alone my friend. All the dog parents face the same problem when the sun hits us in the face.

Your kids refuse to eat green vegetables and you transform green vegetables into something delicious. Sometimes you even cook the food which your kids love the most. Right? We love our kids, and we handle all their tantrums, but why do all of us just forget the basic rule of parenting with our dogs? We treat them as our babies but just can’t handle their tantrums?

All the dog parents just ignore the liking of the dogs and keep feeding them with the food the dogs don’t like. Doing so the owners don’t realize that they are the ones who are encouraging their dogs to turn up their nose at food.

If you are facing problem with your pet and they are getting fussy about food there are multiple reasons for this to happen, possibly the most on point reason right now can be the constant change in the weather. With this hot and humid climate around the corner, fur baby parents ought to be extra cautious and take various precautions on how to deal with the loss of their dog’s appetite.

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In summer when the environmental heat increases, your pets might get overheated because of their thick coat. Summer problems like heatstroke and dehydration is all that you need to protect your pets from. Pets also usually waste more energy in panting during summers, to lower their body heat and temperature. To help them stay in good condition, it is vital that they eat well during this heat season and if by any chance their intake has reduced, they must be fed with energy-dense or nutritional-balanced food that helps them retain their well-being.

The food you choose to feed your pet with also plays a major role in your pets daily routine. The food you choose for your fur baby should be made keeping in mind the age, breed, size and their nutritional needs.

Usually people who have a pet on doors tend to feed home cooked meals to them like that of rice with curd which usually contains more water (70%-80%) than nutrition. This home cooked meal does not have the required amount of vitamins and minerals that are required by a dog to live a healthy life.

Here is a rundown to the instructions that fur-kid parents should keep in mind in order to give their pet a healthy lifestyle during this scorching heat.

1. No Hot Food for Your Pet

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Foods such as fish, turkey and chicken are warm at the base and are not ideal for consumption during summers, instead one should feed dogs with sweet potato along with some herbs like that of thyme, cinnamon and so on. It is hence crucial to choose the right dog food in summers.

2. Balanced Diet

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We all want our kids to have a healthy balanced diet in order to keep them fit and fine. In the same way, pets should be given a balanced and nutrition rich diet as it will protect them from the effects of heat stress. Interestingly, food that are ideally designed for dogs are full of natural antioxidants that in turn helps them to prevent oxidative stress which then aids in coping up with stress due to heat. Reading this makes you wanting to try some pet food? Isn’t it?

3. How much is too much

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If possible, try feeding your fur kids during the cooler part of days. Feed them in cool and shady place and the food should be at room temperature.  The frequency of feeding should be increased. Feeding should be increased doesn’t mean you feed your dog double the quantity you usually do. In this case, the quantity of food prescribed by the vet remains as it is, you just have to decrease the portions per meal and increase the number of meals. This way you are giving them the complete diet. Considering partial fasting may also do wonders. This includes feeding them with little amount of food than a full-fledged meal.

4. Try different mix of foods

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We all treat our kids with something new each day, why don’t we do this with our fur kids? Keeping trying different combinations and variety of foods. Mixing wet food with the dry ones hearten the pet to eat sufficiently. For every one pouch of wet/gravy pouch, 20 grams of dry pet food should ideally be reduced. Fur kid owners can also try feeding their pet with different variety of flavors of the same tried and tested food. Wet foods (gravy or cans) usually contain more water than we would usually feed our dog with and thus it can be used to maintain a healthy water balance in your dog’s system.

5. Monitor their vitals

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Don’t make your pets overeat. Keep in mind the body weight and conditions of your pet and then feed them accordingly. Keep your pets hydrated during heat. Exercising is really important for dogs in summers but try not to make them exercise during the afternoon heat and instead stick to early morning or late afternoon exercising sessions, this will keep both you and the dog healthy and happy.

Keep all these points in mind also make sure that your pet does not gulp food. Keep an eye on them and make sure they chew the food properly for better digestion purposes.  If your dog refuses to eat for more than two days, consult a vet. And and and, just don’t forget loads of belly rubs and ear scratches to your pup pal.
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Happy woof woof!

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